Extremely versatile, flexible and robust

norelem Normelemente KG

"Extremely versatile, flexible and robust" by norelem Normelemente KG

Flexible hoses from norelem for a wide field of application
The flexible hose system consisting of individually movable standard plastic elements and numerous accessories from norelem are versatile in application: it finds application for refrigerant conveyance just as for use as a system for blasting workpieces or for sucking liquids, extracting smoke or gases in many areas of manufacturing and assembly. The flexible and chemical-resistant hose system is simple and adaptable to every situation with a few handgrips.

Whether for drilling, turning, milling, grinding, cutting or eroding: The flexible plastic hose system ensures that a jet mounted at the end of the hose and particularly adapted to the process accurately and efficiently conveys coolant to the point of action. The hose system from norelem consisting of nested plastic elements can be flexibly and easily aligned as desired.

An extensive range of nozzles, suction applications, couplings, elbows, extensions and connections with internal and external thread makes the hose system compatible for a variety of purposes. As suction system it draws liquids of any kind, extracts smoke, gases or chips. In printing firms, compressed air flows through the plastic pipes stacked and scatters stacked papers before being drawn into the printing press. Occasionally, the system, being pluggable to form stable structures, also finds application as a holding device for machines; photographers use it as a lightweight and flexible camera tripod.

The hose system of high quality acetate copolymer is absolutely leak-tight and resistant to most chemicals and solvents. It is neither electrically conductive nor can it rust. The flexible hoses from norelem available in the outlet sizes ¼ and ½ inch are positionally stable for up to an operating pressure of 4 bar and allow flow rates of up to 1800 l/m.

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About norelem Normelemente KG

About norelem
norelem is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible standard parts and components for mechanical engineering. The company supplies more than 60,000 standard products relating to standard machinery and operating elements, as well as automation components.

‘Green Means Go. Find it. Get it. Go.’ is norelem’s strapline, epitomising norelem’s dedication to customer service. Ninety-eight per cent of norelem’s parts are available from stock, with on-site technical support for products available. To help keep production on the go, orders placed with norelem before 3pm are dispatched on the same day.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK is both norelem’s ideas catalogue and reference book. It is the definitive ‘go to’ guide for standard engineering components.

THE BIG GREEN BOOK combines product information, specifications, and technical information in one single source. Created using a logical sequence of article numbers based on stages of production, it contains best practice references, advice, and guidance.