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KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

"Machines setting the trend – we care about your future" by KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

KARL MAYER at ITMA 2011 – Fira de Barcelona Gran Via – 22-29.09.2011
As a leading manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, KARL MAYER will be exhibiting at this year’s ITMA trade fair from 22 to 29 September in Barcelona. For the first time, all the company’s business units will be represented on the same stand in hall 3, stand B 153-157, on an area of 1,400 m2. In its ‘Lace’ sector, KARL MAYER will be showing the new, highly productive Textronic® Lace TL 59/1/24 and the Jacquardtronic® Lace JL 40/1 F, which is currently in high demand for producing soft-shape lace. On the topic of ‘Elastic’, the company will be showing the new RSJ 4/1 as a machine with an enhanced performance for producing attractive warp knits with a lace look. KARL MAYER will also be showing how the DJ 6/2 EL and the Positive Patternbeam Drive (PPD) can be used to produce the 3D panties developed by the company, which feature a range of functional characteristics. The third machine in the group of exhibition machines for producing stretch fabrics is the HKS 2-3 E, which has a unique gauge of E 50. This is a real breakthrough in the efficient production of ultrafine, stretch warp knits for the lingerie and clothing sector. The completely newly developed HKS 3-1 is a ‘must see’ for all manufacturers operating in the ‘Rigid and Semitechnical’ sector. This high-speed machine is the latest in the HKS machine series to be changed over to the successful CFP concept, and sets new standards in terms of speed among the three-bar tricot machines. KARL MAYER’s Warp Preparation business unit will show the new Multi-MATIC®. One of its new features is a completely new yarn management system, which can be used to efficiently and flexibly produce sample warps as well as production warps of average running length. The new PRO SIZE box is also designed to offer maximum productivity and flexibility, especially when setting the yarn density. The particular key to success here is the use of the latest application technology and intelligently designed application zones. KARL MAYER’s warp preparation machines on show at the fair will be complemented by various holding devices and yarn tensioners, such as the Rot-O-Tense. In Barcelona, the Technical Textiles business unit will be showing a laying module on the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL C&L for processing spread-out carbon tapes from a flanged spool. The flanged spool is produced by an external fibre spreading unit – an off-line processing technique that increases productivity considerably compared to conventional processes when producing high-quality multiaxial textiles from heavy tow materials. The following report gives more details of what visitors can expect in Barcelona. An upgrade puts the DJ 6/2 EL on top form: At the ITMA fair a DJ 6/2 EL with integrated Positive Patternbeam Drive (PPD) will be exhibited. This innovative system actively supplies the knitting process with additional yarns from pattern beams at three locations, which enhances the functional aspects of the textile products.

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About KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

KARL MAYER is a machine builder with real passion. This family run company was founded in Obertshausen in 1937 and manufactures both warp knitting machines and warp preparation systems; it is now the world leader in these sectors. The company currently employs roughly 2,000 workers worldwide, of which approx. 1,300 work in Germany and 1,100 in Obertshausen. It operates subsidiaries in Japan, Italy, England, China, Switzerland and the USA, and supplies machines and equipment to customers all over the world. For all of them, KARL MAYER represents the highest level of quality and technology, an image that this company, with its total commitment to first-class workmanship and its constant search for innovative solutions, quite rightly deserves.