New Generation of Mixing Devices for Complete Discharge

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"New Generation of Mixing Devices for Complete Discharge" by amixon GmbH

amixon® has developed a new generation of mixing devices for complete discharge. This included the development of two innovations: a new ge-ometry for mixing devices and a new discharge device. SinConvex® mix-ing tool with sinusoidal-shaped outer contour. The SinConvex® mixing tool has a sinusoidal outer contour. The effect of this is that the mixtures are conveyed upwards along the vessel walls and flow downwards into the centre of the vessel. This geometry guarantees that all the mixture flows down to the bottom of the container during discharge, a process which involves only a small amount of energy input and friction. At the same time the quality of the mixture produced is perfect. Complete discharge thanks to ComDisc® discharge device. At the bottom of the container the innovative ComDisc® discharge device ensures complete discharge. The arm of the mixing device is equipped with one or several mixing blades. During mixing the wing turns to the rear for not disturbing the flow. Only with filling level down it starts to rotate and pushes the mixture residues gently to the outlet, thereby avoiding contact with the bottom of the mixer. The system is constructed in such a way that it guarantees safe cleaning and drying. The entire mixing tool fulfils the requirements of the EHEDG and 3a Sanitary Standards and can therefore also be used in applications demanding a high standard of hygiene. A contribution to efficient, sustainable production. Thus the new, patented mixing tool contributes to efficient, sustainable production. amixon® offers prospective customers corresponding trials, using customised mixtures in its technical centres in Paderborn/Germany, Memphis/USA and Osaka/Japan. Also for retrofitting amixon® mixing systems. SinConvex® and ComDisc® technology can also help to subsequently optimise the mixing process.

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As a specialist for mixing and drying of dry, wet and paste-like goods, amixon® manufactures vacuum mixer dryers and reactors and vertical twin- and single-shaft mixers
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About amixon GmbH

amixon® specialises in the development and manufacturing of processing equipment for the processing industry. One focus of the amixon® product range is the on sterile equipment which fulfils even the highest requirements in terms of hygiene. Continual innovations such as mixing devices and discharge processes for complete discharge have enabled amixon® to make further improvements in productivity and the hygiene standards of the process equipment. Many detailed solutions are protected by patent. The individual fabricated powder mixers, paste mixers, vacuum dryers, reactors, cone mixers, single-shaft mixers, twin-shaft mixers, vacuum mixers and container mixers find application in many different branches. We would be very happy to carry out pilots of your new products and procedures under development and invite you to view demonstrations in our factory laboratories in Paderborn, Memphis TN, USA or Osaka, Japan. The processes are demonstrated with your original products, the results interpreted and transferred to the parameters that you choose. This excludes risks associated with technical aspects of the process. Your investment is based on solid foundations.