Vacuum mixer dryer with conical floor

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"Vacuum mixer dryer with conical floor" by amixon GmbH

As a specialist for mixing and drying of dry, wet and paste-like goods, amixon® manufactures vacuum mixer dryers and reactors and vertical twin- and single-shaft mixers
Because of the all-over movement of the goods to be mixed which is created by the mixing tools, this machine can achieve extremely short drying times: any liquid portions of the mixture which are capable of evaporation disappear within a short time. Now, amixon® is presenting a new generation of a vacuum mixer dryers with its AMT series. Machines within the AMT series differ from previous models because of their conical floor form. This floor offers the decisive advantage that complete and automatic self-emptying is achieved with free-flowing material. A further benefit is that even mixing is also achieved in the cone. This is the result of a patented, helical ribbon mixing tool, which creates three-dimensional movement of the goods to be mixed. The goods move upwards at the periphery, while they are moved downwards again in the centre. Not only the mixer itself, but also the helical ribbon, mixing arms and mixing shaft are completely heated. Drying is extremely fast, gentle and even. The tank is vacuum- and pressure proof, which means that pressure-dependent reactions can also be managed. For example, an inert carrier gas can be used for subsequent drying. The AMT mixer dryer reactor is suitable for drying powders, suspensions, pastes and doughs. Cutting rotors can accelerate the mixing and drying process and at the same time carry out deagglomeration; as a further option, the tanks can be provided with a heated inspection door which does create dead space. As the patented mixing tool is only fixed and driven at the top, it is not necessary to extend the shaft right through the product. Machines in the AMT series were developed to fulfil high hygiene requirements. They can be used as sterile equipment and reactors in compliance with FDA regulations. In addition, they fulfill EHEDG requirements and the 3a sanitary standards.

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amixon® specialises in the development and manufacturing of processing equipment for the processing industry. One focus of the amixon® product range is the on sterile equipment which fulfils even the highest requirements in terms of hygiene. Continual innovations such as mixing devices and discharge processes for complete discharge have enabled amixon® to make further improvements in productivity and the hygiene standards of the process equipment. Many detailed solutions are protected by patent. The individual fabricated powder mixers, paste mixers, vacuum dryers, reactors, cone mixers, single-shaft mixers, twin-shaft mixers, vacuum mixers and container mixers find application in many different branches. We would be very happy to carry out pilots of your new products and procedures under development and invite you to view demonstrations in our factory laboratories in Paderborn, Memphis TN, USA or Osaka, Japan. The processes are demonstrated with your original products, the results interpreted and transferred to the parameters that you choose. This excludes risks associated with technical aspects of the process. Your investment is based on solid foundations.