The TL 71/1/36 – a filmable performance for an Oscar prizewinner

KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

"The TL 71/1/36 – a filmable performance for an Oscar prizewinner" by KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Oct 14, 2009
With the new Textronic® Lace from KARL MAYER Spiga GmbH is further on the road to success
Although the roots and uses of lace fabrics are constant, their look and production technology vary widely. One company which knows about this and has consistently oriented its business activities accordingly is Spiga GmbH. This family firm produces quality lace as a commission knitter in the small Saxon town of Flöha, fulfilling the orders of well-known customers, and persistently pursues a successful strategy: 'state-of-the-art' technology. Since its foundation in 1993 Spiga GmbH has constantly invested in the extension and modernization of its machine capacities, working closely with KARL MAYER in this respect. A readiness to innovate which is paying off. With 30 high-tech machines and an annual capacity of more than 180 tonnes of lace, the company has established itself as one of the leading lace producers in Europe. For its achievements the company was awarded the prize of the regional magazine 'An Oscar for medium-sized firms' in 2002. Nowadays the lace expert is working in new production rooms at the company site in Flöha/Falkenau, and is continuing with its expansion policy. The latest acquisition is a TL 71/1/36. Spiga GmbH decided to invest in KARL MAYER’s new Textronic® Lace in order to be able to translate the increasingly multifarious designs of its customers even more efficiently into reality in the future as well. The machine with more than six strings behind the fall-plate and a 40% increase in efficiency over the the multibar Textronic® models was installed in February 2009, and subsequently it was tested comprehensively with all its production potential. The company technicians fully examined the extended patterning possibilities of the machine, tested different effects, checked the fabric quality, looked at how the machine handled, paying attention to the efficiency, and were finally satisfied. Now the TL 71/1/36 works on a three-shift system in Falkenau, producing typical Textronic® patterns for the time being. The Asian set-out in particular can be efficiently converted with a separable border in the middle. 'Now we are coming to the point where we are developing new lace qualities,' declared company director Nico Mach. 'The TL 71/1/36 has a great deal of latent potential which we can utilize to set trends in patterning.

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KARL MAYER is a machine builder with real passion. This family run company was founded in Obertshausen in 1937 and manufactures both warp knitting machines and warp preparation systems; it is now the world leader in these sectors. The company currently employs roughly 2,000 workers worldwide, of which approx. 1,300 work in Germany and 1,100 in Obertshausen. It operates subsidiaries in Japan, Italy, England, China, Switzerland and the USA, and supplies machines and equipment to customers all over the world. For all of them, KARL MAYER represents the highest level of quality and technology, an image that this company, with its total commitment to first-class workmanship and its constant search for innovative solutions, quite rightly deserves.