Pallet Packing Presses with high Flexibility

Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG

"Pallet Packing Presses with high Flexibility" by Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG

As the specialist for modern methods in securing goods for transit, Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG of Waldbrunn / Germany has developed into the global market leader in many sectors. The strapping machinery for the corrugated industry is a corner stone of this status
The French company Gondardenne for example was impressed with MOSCA’s machine quality and ordered four new pallet packing presses for their current plant extension in Wadreques in the North of France. The machines were installed in a DÜCKER transport line with direct interface to the ASCOR control system. The maximum pressure is currently 30,000N but can be extended by the use of the post-press device if required. The inverter controlled pressure platen gives steady pressure to the product, (freely adjustable from 1 sec to 99 sec). Data like the strapping program, the pressure force with the pallet ID and job number are transferred through ASCOR to the SIEMENS PLC on the MOSCA strapping machines. All pallet packing presses in Wadreques are equipped with the proven KSR-2 friction sealing head, suitable to run on MOSCA 9.5 x 0.6mm PET strap. To reduce downtime during strap coil changing, all machines have four dispensers and one BSG-1 manual splicer. Thus strap waste is also reduced to a minimum. All machines are equipped with the latest top edge protection dispenser system type KS-750, suitable to run BC flute boards of 750 x 250mm to protect the products from possible damage during the strapping process. The protection dispenser can easily integrate a Thermo transfer label printer to attach labels with job numbers to the top edge protection boards automatically.

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Joining the two open ends of the strap loop presents a potential problem in the modern strapping technology
Modern strapping technology has proven to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solution for many industries. Today, for every kind of product requirement, the corresponding machine can be found on the market. However, development does not end here. New types of machine offer new possibilities for the user. The machines allow easy operation, are service-friendly and the efficient ultrasonic-technology can be used for many applications
Today it is nearly impossible to produce profitably without automation. However, it is also true that a reasonable level of automation should be defined depending on a cost / benefit analysis for each individual business. This analysis applies also to the wholesale trade. For newspaper and magazine wholesale a new working model proves to be of value: the supply drivers manually commission their individual packages for the various locations. Strapping technology has proven to be cost efficient i
One of the key tasks of modern packaging technology is making product safe for transportation. The packaging has to secure the product reliably during transportation, but should also be economical as it offers no added value for the producer. This is the main reason why companies from various industries prefer the material and energy saving strapping technology.
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