Fully automatic strapping machine for a wide variety of applications

Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG

"Fully automatic strapping machine for a wide variety of applications" by Maschinenfabrik Gerd Mosca AG

Modern strapping technology has proven to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solution for many industries. Today, for every kind of product requirement, the corresponding machine can be found on the market. However, development does not end here. New types of machine offer new possibilities for the user. The machines allow easy operation, are service-friendly and the efficient ultrasonic-technology can be used for many applications
MOSCA AG of Waldbrunn / Germany presents the fully-automatic strapping machine RO-TRC-5, follow-up model of the proven RO-TRC-3, a favourite for securing goods in the corrugated cardboard industry. The newly developed RO-TRC-5 is also suitable for a wide variety of applications and can be used for heavy products up to approx. 200kg. Typical application areas include the furniture industry or photo plate strapping. Two versions of the new machine will be offered: the proven heat-weld sealing system or the SONIXS-TRC model with the new ultrasonic sealing head, offering a range of practical advantages. Higher cycle rates can be realised as there is no heating-up time with ultrasonic sealing heads. There are no fumes or smells produced and no build up of excess residues. The ultrasonic sealing system is also very eco-friendly; as opposed to heat-welding systems, there is no required temperature to reach, meaning energy consumption is required only during the actual sealing process. The user can also make potential savings with regard to strapping materials as either PET and PP strap will run on the machine. Both machine types are of a sturdy, service-friendly design and are easy to operate. The conveying systems for instance are equipped with wear-resistant aluminium rollers and the conveying speed is adjustable. Soft start and stop guarantee smooth transportation of the product. The machine is equipped with a hinged transport roller conveyor which allows easy access to the machine body for service requirements. In addition, the drive belt can be changed easily in a matter of minutes. Wear-free DC drive, brushless motor technology provides reliability and machine longevity. All moveable parts function with linear bearings. This results in quiet operation with minimum friction. Machine operation is easy and intuitive via push-buttons. Further practical features are adjustable strap tension; automatic strap loop ejection when machine cycles without a pack/bundle; strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap as well as quick strap coil change with bayonet closing. The pneumatic press is also standard. The roller chassis is completely integrated under the machine, and up-stream and down-stream conveyors can be easily installed. Thanks to numerous options the machines can be adapted to the requirements of a wide variety of applications. For example a table extension at the infeed and the exit of the conveying system can be installed; to fit with an existing conveying system, different working heights are available. As an option, the working height can be adjusted from above. Length measurement for different strap patterns can also be integrated as well as an automatic “multi-strap-function“ to adjust various series strapping with adjustable distances. Other useful options are: bundle backstop arranged from top at the infeed or the exit; CE-conforming plexi-glass covering of the machine or a rail-mounted travelling mechanism.

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