Ultrasonic Rotary Systems increase productivity

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"Ultrasonic Rotary Systems increase productivity" by Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Feb 18, 2009
One of the new product developments in the NONWOVENS division of Herrmann Ultraschall are Ultrasonic Rotary Systems with a rotating sonotrode.
The sonotrode counter-rotates to the anvil drum and continuously draws the web material through a defined, closed-loop controlled bonding gap. The rotating motion generates minor frictional resistance allowing for high-loft or intermittent materials to be bonded almost non-abrasively. Production speeds of more than 400 m/min can be achieved with constant bonding quality by combining the patented MICROGAP technology and the VE 30-R-CS NON-CONTACT / NON-WEAR actuator designed especially for the rotary bonding process. The compact design of the new Ultrasonic Rotary System provides the possibility to upgrade existing production lines. Two versions are available: the single-mounted 'Tulip' system for narrow applications and the double-mounted system for operating widths of up to 40 mm with high bonding forces. The anvil drum as well as the sonotrode can be engraved with a three-dimensional pattern to meet specific customer requirements.

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Jan 28, 2009
The current trend in ladies’ underwear is for comfort fits with no irritating seams or threads. Ongoing development work into textiles made from microfibers requires more and more alternatives to thread. A modern processing technology like ultrasonic welding responds to this trend, and this process promises results that far surpass standard sewing practices, especially in terms of seam elasticity.
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