Minimizing energy consumption in drive technology

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"Minimizing energy consumption in drive technology" by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

One easy way of cutting the power input of motors is to reduce the friction forces at shaft seals. This is made possible by the springless energy-saving Simmerring® (ESS for short) developed by Simrit.
In old radial shaft seals, the spring was responsible for creating the necessary contact pressure force that kept the sealing lip on the shaft being sealed. This ensured a long-term sealing effect. The radial shaft seal acted like a microscopic pump, which was in a position to transport lubricants beneath the sealing lip and back into the oil chamber. This created the necessary lubrication between the shaft and the seal ring. The radial contact pressure force of the sealing lip is of paramount importance for the functioning of the seal, abrasion resistance, and friction. Excessively high radial forces increase wear, overheat the sealing edge, make the oil coke, and result in energy losses and leakages. Insufficient radial forces prevent the sealing lip from sitting securely on the shaft, thereby causing leakages and oil drips. This is why optimizing the radial force that keeps the sealing lip on the shaft is of elementary importance.

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