Circular saws - A cut above the rest

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"Circular saws - A cut above the rest" by Behringer GmbH

The new Behringer high-tech HCS 70 circular saw combines high-performance with innovation and functional design. The new HCS 70 by Behringer Eisele is far more than just an extension of the well-proven HCS series to cover the entrance level of carbide sawing machines. It is the answer to the genuine demands of a fast-changing market. It represents a move away from universal machines for all applications and towards more cost-effective high-performance machines with customised adaptations for specific customer needs. The HCS 70 is a mixture of established technology and new, innovative ideas. Designed for cutting ranges of up to 75 mm for round material and 80 mm pipe diameters, the machine operates with saw blade diameters from 250 to 217 mm. The wide speed range from 24 to 217 rpm is standard, and allows an almost unlimited range of applications, even with just the basic machine version. A faster variant of the HCS 70 is available specially for pipe cutting. The saw drive is the well-proven Behringer Eisele combination: a strong worm gear unit that is free of play and a frequency-regulated AC motor. Together with the steplessly adjustable servo drive of the saw feed axis and minimal quantity spray lubrication, this system is adaptable enough to keep up with future developments in saw blades and lubrication research.

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