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Setral Chemie GmbH

Being an innovativ producer of high performance lubricants, setral Chemie GmbH supports our customers to gain effectiv profit by using high quality solutions. ECCO, the parent company of the Setral, continuously developed a further trading area in the past years beside the production and the selling of high performance lubricants: The production of industrial high performance fibers on the basis of regenerating raw materials, preferably flax and hemp.

Salzsteinstrasse 4, 82402 Seeshaupt, Germany
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Karl-Heinz Hensel, Silvia Hübner
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DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001

Setral Chemie GmbH

Setral Chemie GmbH, a producer of special lubricants and maintenance products for the injection molding and tool and mould construction will exhibit again on the international fair FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen and on the world’s leading fair injection molding EUROMOLD in Frankfurt. For more than 40 years Setral develops special lubricants and maintenance products for industrial applications. Increasingly complex production conditions request constantly new demands on the lubricants to be used. Setral is meeting this challenge for decades with great success. So Setral created in close cooperation with customers and partners high-performance lubricants that can be used in nearly every area. For the lubrication Setral offers a wide product range – starting with high-quality gear oils to different lubricating greases and pastes, especially for long-term lubrication of problematic tool elements. Setral offers with the special grease SYN-setral-INT/300 a product which is in use world-wide at well-known producers as NSF H1 registered long-term ejector pin lubricant. Especially the performance of the long-term grease SYN-setral-INT/300 like e.g. the very high thermal stability, the resistance to aggressive plastic condensates, it’s “staying in place” behavior, the optimum running-in properties with new tools and the avoidance of stick-slip effect have decisively contributed to SYN-setral-INT/300 is nowadays recommended and used by leading manufacturers. Another NSF H1 registered high-temperature grease is SYN-setral-CA/C2-FD - it is thermally stable up to +160 °C , short-term up to +180 °C and can also be used for the lubrication of ejector pins, sliders, folding units and latch locking units. Besides the lubricating greases the anti-corrosion agents and separating agents are also an important part of setral’s product range. For example the anti-corrosion agent PRO-setral-PL 941 and the food-grade version PRO-setral-FD fulfill the highest technical demands. They offer excellent corrosion protection, the protecting film is removed from the injection mould after a few shots, they have a short drying time and high affinity to metal surfaces. Additionally there are also silicone-free separating agents like FLUID-setral-INT and setral TS available which are suitable for medium to extremely high mould temperatures. As completion of the portfolio Setral offers also highly effective cleaners. From degreasing to removal of persistent plastic residues and outgassing all tasks are fulfilled. As example CLEAN-setral-AN/U, high-performance cleaner and degreaser for residue-free cleaning and degreasing of moulds and tools and the cavities cleaner CLEAN-setral-EDK which removes persistent residues of plastics and paints from metal surfaces, should be mentioned. The above mentioned products are only a selection of the entire portfolio of special lubricants and maintenance products.Setral Chemie GmbH is looking forward to welcome its customers and partners at the fair FAKUMA at booth A7301 in hall A7 and at the EUROMOLD at booth A110 in hall A8.
The family of greases for high-speed applications from the company Setral was extended by a new product. The new grease for high-speed applications SYN-setral- HSP/N (n*dm factor approx. 1.7 millions) was introduced after intensive laboratory- and field tests. Apart from savings due to longer service life at maximum bearing speed, high temperatures, low evaporation, long relubrication intervals, SYN-setral-HSP/N convinces by smooth operation with very low rolling resistance. Reduced temperatures in critical applications and extended service life of bearings are benefits that are welcome when it comes to reduction of maintenance costs and avoiding downtimes. SYN-setral-HSP/N is very well suitable in a far range of temperatures and thus for low temperature applications.
Any production units are aiming at a highly efficient use of the machinery. In the field of plastic injection moulding this is especially valid for the trouble-free operation and the obtained number of manufactured pieces (number of rounds) which is to be guaranteed by using suitable lubricants. However, it is also decisive that all manufactured parts are corresponding to the quality demands and are not affected by the used lubricant. A lot of different factors may contribute in connection with the lubrication to a considerably reduced efficiency. In the foreground are complicated geometries, increased tool temperatures, aggressive condensates, material injected and high ve-locities. In addition, there are increasing quality demands. These conditions often overstrain conventional lubricants – physically by higher temperatures or faster work flows and chemically by the contact with aggressive vapours and oxidation. Due to the increased temperatures, the melting point of the soap thickeners contained in the lubricants might possibly be exceeded. The lubricant is becoming liquid and runs off the point of lubrication thereby resulting in an insufficient lubrica-tion and an increased wear on the movable parts. Other consequences of the higher temperatures are increased evaporation rates of the used base oil again resulting in an insufficient lubrication with the known problems. In combination with the oxidation accelerated by the temperatures solid residues are developed which often appear as brown or black points on the parts and lead to rejects. When developing the lubricant SYN-setral-INT/300 for lubricating ejector pins, slides, folder units or latch conveyors, the Setral Chemie GmbH at Seeshaupt aimed at eliminating this problem respectively to have it under control. This goal could be reached by selecting special additives and suitable synthetic base oils in connection with a newly developed thicker combi-nation. The used base oils are high-quality perfluoropolyether (PFAE) featured by a thermal stability of up to 300°C. The thickeners are stable without melting far beyond this temperature. The base oil as well as the thickener and additives are not only meeting the requirements regarding thermal stability but are also indifferent in view of any used materials due to their chemical stability. In the course of extensive practical tests further advantages became apparent. Thus the volumetric consumption can be drastically reduced since only a razor-thin layer of the new lubricant needs to be applied and thereby no grease is transported via the movable parts onto the injected material. Owing to this improvement, dark spots or points which cannot be vaporized or varnished are a thing of the past. Moreover, an exchange of the lubricant when changing the injected material is also not necessary since the lubricant is absolutely compatible.A further advantage is the suitability for use on the food sector which is documented by the USDA-H1 authorization. Besides reduced consumption figures also the number of produced parts could be increased by up to the factor 4 compared to usual lubricating pastes or greases manufactured on mineral oil or synthetic oil basis. In the meantime the new lubricant has proved successful in the daily use of reputed manufacturers of injection moulded parts in wide ranges of this industry.
In practice the preservation of metallic blank and highly polished surfaces of moulds, tools and equipment very often proves to be difficult. Regardless if oil or wax based products are used, high scrap is caused, costly subsequent cleaning is necessary and insufficient corrosion protection of moulds and tools is given. PRO-PL 941 is our new, innovative grease-like corrosion protection agent which offers all positive properties of conventional oil and wax-based corrosion protection agents. At approx. +70°C it evaporates without residues, displaces humidity and does not creep inside the tool.See for yourself and ask for free sample.