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Schmalz is one of the worldwide leading providers of automation, handling and clamping systems, providing customers in numerous industries with innovative, efficient solutions based on vacuum technology. Schmalz products are used in a wide variety of production processes – for example, as grippers on robot arms in the production of car bodies, in CNC machining centers as clamping solutions for furniture pieces, or used by an operator to lift items ranging from boxes to solar modules. Schmalz customers can either choose from a diverse line of components or they can benefit from a complete solution that is custom-tailored to their requirements. Schmalz is dedicated to its customers, providing groundbreaking innovation, exceptional quality and comprehensive consultancy. The company is headquartered in Glatten (Black Forest region of Germany) and is active in 15 additional countries with their own subsidiaries. Schmalz employs a total of around 700 persons worldwide.

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Dr. Dipl. Ing. Kurt Schmalz, Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Schmalz
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DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001
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J. Schmalz GmbH

The DBD can be implemented in a system together with Schmalz vacuum suction pads. It is also suitable for use as a ready-to-install building element for detail and system solutions for tooling manufacturers, sensor producers and users in all industries requiring the processing of sheet and flat products. The DBD is equipped with a replaceable bell-shaped suction ring made of the wear-resistant and oil-resistant material NBR. The sensor ring is equipped with a sensor holder in which you can install any commercially available M42 (or M36) double sheet sensor. The DBD sensor bracket is both flexible and spring-mounted: This facilitates precise positioning of the sensor and reduces erroneous signals. In addition, this compensates for differences in height, including uneven areas and different sheet surfaces while preventing springs from breaking. By separating the vacuum and sensor circuits, it is possible to prevent leakage in the sensor screw connection. The DBD is available with different tooling connections, including quick-change coupling, and facilitates quick, hassle-free installation on loading robots, press feeders or destackers.The DBD can be implemented in a system together with Schmalz suction pads. It is also suitable for use as a ready-to-install building element for detail and system solutions for tooling manufacturers, sensor producers and users in all industries requiring the processing of sheet and flat products.
The vacuum specialists have put together this comprehensive guide for anyone who is looking to acquire a CNC woodworking centre with a vacuum clamping table or to modernise their existing Innospann system with upgrades. The brochure also includes a wide range of suction plates and other replacement parts. Modernisation with the patented Innospann solution in particular is depicted in a clear manner using a visualisation of the system structure, practical user tips and upgrade examples. In the catalogue that follows, you find all necessary technical and order information to configure your own customised clamping solution or to navigate to the replacement parts for your system. The new brochure includes the dual-circuit vacuum block series VC-K2, which is now also available in heights 75 mm and 125 mm, as well as the new generation of mechanical clamps that are especially suited to clamping narrow and curved frame pieces safely and efficiently.An overview of additional clamping solutions for manual woodworking and for CNC metal and plastic processing completes the brochure. The brochure is available in five languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish.
Important suction pad requirements in the various fields of sheet metal machining include adaptability, resistance to wear, oil and heat, and their behaviour when high lateral forces are applied, e.g. when loading sheet metal processing machines or removing sheet metal parts from press lines. Suction pads specially designed and developed to meet these requirements guarantee maximum process reliability. Schmalz uses four different materials in the production of vacuum suction pads for the sheet metal industry, and these materials demonstrate their strengths in specific applications:Nitrile rubber NBR wo different hardness values (NBR-45, NBR-60), the high-temperature material HT2 and Vulkollan VU1.
Compact, light and strong with an extra blow-off feature, the new SEAC-RP compact ejector from vacuum technology specialist J. Schmalz GmbH provides both decentralised vacuum generation and added functional value, using as little space as possible. The SEAC-RP vacuum generator is the latest in a series of innovative Schmalz products, and it meets energy efficiency and resource optimisation requirements. That’s because the SEAC-RP compact ejector, which is powered by compressed air, has integrated pneumatic air-saving regulation that guarantees minimal, demand-driven consumption of compressed air and thereby helps reduce energy and operation costs. Indeed, the compact ejector is very compact and light-weight. As such, it is ideally suited for integration in vacuum systems and does not adversely affect the dynamics, or the process or movement speed of the handling system or robot. The combination of a high-speed and large suction capacity and an integrated blow-off system guarantees that the shortest handling and cycle times. With a modular design, the SEAC-RP compact ejector, system monitor and suction pad constitute a unit to be installed separately on a decentralised vacuum generator. Installation is uncomplicated and mounting work is minimal. In addition to integrated pneumatic air-saving regulation and the extra blow-off system, the compact ejector has an integrated silencer that helps reduce noise levels and improve working conditions for employees. There is also the option of attaching an electric vacuum switch for system monitoring, with an adjustable switching point.The SEAC-RP compact ejector has an anodised aluminium main body and a sturdy design for automatic operation. It is particularly well suited for use in rapid and highly dynamic handling or robot systems, for example during the treatment of sheet metal, wood, plastic, CDs or packaging material.
Whether you need cranes for heavy loads of up to 700 kg or vacuum tube lifters for workpieces of medium load, J. Schmalz GmbH, based in Glatten, Germany, provides the optimal vacuum handling system for almost every requirement. What's more, Schmalz cranes with vacuum tube lifters and vacuum lifting devices, such as the new vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex, can be flexibly combined to suit your range of requirements. With our total solutions, our customers also benefit from competent support from a single source. The cranes consist of extremely stable, torsionally rigid aluminium extruded sections. The crane solutions are divided into crane systems, column-mounted and wall-mounted slewing cranes. The version to be deployed depends on the work area, required swivel angle and the given spatial conditions. A crane system, for example, offers a maximum work area of up to approx. 8 x 30 m and can bear loads of up to 700 kg. A crane rail length of 3 metres allows a travel path of almost up to 3 metres. Low height is a further advantage, as this allows the cranes to be deployed in areas with height restrictions. The easy-to-move trolleys facilitate ergonomic and accurate transport and positioning of workpieces. Aluminium column-mounted slewing cranes also offer large work areas. They can swivel up to 270 degrees, and are either anchored firmly in the floor or mounted on a moveable base plate. This has the advantage that they can be deployed almost anywhere with the use of a fork lift or lift truck. If there is a stable wall or shop pillar, wall-mounted slewing cranes are the perfect solution. This cost-effective alternative offers a swivel range of 180 degrees. Aluminium slewing cranes are suited for loads up to 650 kg, depending on the jib length, which can be up to 6 metres. In addition to chain hoists, cable systems and cable balancers, Schmalz vacuum handling systems are particularly useful additions to enhance your crane system. The new vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex, for example, is ideal for frequently and ergonomic handling of loads of up to 20 kg or 35 kg.Its compact dimensions facilitate target-safe and protective workpiece handling – even at sites where this had not been possible before because of limited area height. The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex can be flexibly fitted for individual handling tasks and is perfect for diverse applications. Enhancements include single suction pads, sack and double suction pads, for example. Special suction pads can also be provided. This allows safe and ergonomic handling of products and goods, such as boxes, sacks, barrels, cans, furniture bodies, rolls of film and foil, etc.
Everyone is talking about light-weight construction and energy efficiency. Humanisation of work and ergonomic working procedures to protect the health of the workers also deserve the same amount of attention. There is, however, a lot of discussion and little action in this area. An ergonomic material-flow solution is available with the vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster Light from the vacuum specialists J. Schmalz GmbH in D-72293 Glatten. Based on the crane-suspended vacuum lifting devices of the VacuMaster series, the VacuMaster Light is a flexible alternative for the handling of light objects weighing up to 100 kg. In addition, its light-weight construction makes it the perfect symbiosis of low intrinsic weight, ergonomic operation, easy positioning, safe manual operation and energy efficiency. The VacuMaster Light is delivered complete and ready for use and requires only a supply of compressed-air. Compared with the well-known vacuum lifting devices of the VacuMaster series, the version VacuMaster Light has a lower overall height (310 mm and thus abut 200 mm lower) and weighs only 13 or 15 kg. It is capable of lifting loads weighing up to 100 kg. Depending on the workpieces to be handled, the device can be equipped with one large suction pad (VacuMaster 100-1) or with four individual suction pads which can be adjusted as desired (VacuMaster Light 100-4). The workpieces are always handled in the horizontal position. The surfaces of the workpieces to be handled should be smooth and airtight, but slightly porous workpieces such as furniture elements and sheets of wood can also be handled. The facility for flexible adjustment of the four suction pads of the version VacuMaster Light 100-4 offers many benefits. The adjustment range of the suction pads extends from 250 x 250 mm to 710 x 460 mm, and any desired configuration within this range is possible. This makes it possible to handle long, narrow workpieces, round workpieces and rectangular workpieces with one and the same gripper. The suction pads can be adjusted in a matter of seconds without the need for tools, thus minimising the time needed for conversion to a different workpiece. The four suction pads are mounted flexibly, which means that they can adapt themselves to any unevenness on the surfaces of the goods to be transported.For safe operation in daily use, the vacuum lifting device has intelligent monitoring function with warning device. The status indicator and the manometer are easily visible to the operator at all times. The integration of these elements has the advantage that they are protected against damage. As a supplier of complete systems, Schmalz delivers the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Light completely assembled and ready for use: the user only needs to suspend it from a crane. Ideal for this purpose are the easily-moved Schmalz cranes with aluminium rails and jibs, which are available in various versions, either as overhead cranes or slewing cranes for loads of various weights, and are also completely installed. The vacuum lifting devices VacuMaster Light are available ex stock. As usual Schmalz offers a three-year warranty for all components (except parts subject to wear) of the devices.
The new inline vacuum filters from Schmalz provide optimal protection for vacuum generators such as ejectors, preventing the entry of dirt and the resulting possible damage. This very small and extremely light filter is installed – as it name indicates – directly in the hose and thus needs very little space. It can also be retrofitted in any existing system. The inline filter can be used in all vacuum systems with a low to medium degree of contamination. The inline filter can be mounted directly in the vacuum line, without the need for additional mounting brackets.
VacuMaster Basic/Comfort: the new generation of vacuum lifting devices for your handling solutions. As an innovative manufacturer of vacuum lifting devices, we guarantee the excellent product quality which has made the VacuMaster one of the world´sleading products. In order to ensure that the devices continue to meet your requirements in the future, we have completely updated the product VacuMaster Vario. During the development of theese new devices, great emphasis was placed on functionality, safety and ergonomic considerations. It goes without saying that the new models are just as robust and reliable as their predecessors. For this reason, we now offer a three-year warranty on this product.
For the independent generation of vacuum directly at the suction pad, Schmalz has developed a new vacuum generator - the Schmalz Line Pump. These new inline ejectors with single-stage nozzles are a further development of the existing inline pump VRI. With its slim and pleasing design, the new Schmalz Line Pump not only looks good. Thanks to its 10 mm design and the axial connections for compressed air and vacuum, it can be installed flexibly in the hose, thus saving valuable space. This installation method also means that no other connection elements are needed, which not only reduces the costs but also makes very dynamic processes easier to implement. Its greatest advantage, however, is that it can be mounted in restricted spaces and very close to the suction pad.
Available in various sizes, the SHF suction plates are the all-round stars for smooth and rough surfaces. The optimised shape, the very soft sealing lip, an additional (internal) sealing edge, the special structure of the underside and the possibility for integration of an additional foam-rubber insert make the suction plates SHF our new all-round star. The extra-soft sealing lip with internal sealing edge permits optimal adaptation on uneven and rough workpiece surfaces. Both the special structure of the underside of the plate and the optionally available foam-rubber insert improve the seal and thus increase the holding forces. The optimised shape also contributes to the universal applicability of the plate and, in particularly, its suitability for use in woodworking applications. It also permits rapid replacement of the seal without the need for tools, and thus permits easy and cheap maintenance. The suction plates a re available in three different sizes (DS 125, 160 und 210 mm), with a 1/4 or ½-inch female thread and with or without a sensing valve.