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Döhler GmbH

Döhler GmbH is a Manufacturer of Beverage Colors, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Flavourings & aromas, Fruit preparations and Food Extracts, was established in 1838 and is DIN EN ISO 9001 and BRC/EFSIS British Retail Consortiums/European Food Safety Inspection Service certified.

Riedstrasse 7 - 9, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany
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Andreas Klein, Kurt Hufnagel, Dr. Martin Jager, Dirk Kruse
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DIN EN ISO 9001, BRC/EFSIS British Retail Consortiums/European Food Safety Inspection Service

Döhler GmbH

Multisweet plus is the new premium sweetener from Döhlers R&D, ideal for all market segments, especially: soft drinks, fruit juices, beer mixes, sport and energy drinks, as well as dairy products and ice cream. Its a well-balanced blend of several different sweeteners plus a turnkey synergistic ingredient developed by Döhlers flavour technology. Products sweetened with Multisweet plus offer quite a few advantages: The flavour is natural, almost similar to products sweetened with sugar. The usual bitterness and metallic aftertaste of sweeteners has been completely eliminated. Finished beverages have almost zero calories and are suitable for diabetics. There is a growing demand for calorie-reduced beverages. On the one hand, lots of consumers are becoming extremely health conscious, especially with their nutritious habits. Although a healthy diet is part of their life, and they really do care for healthy products, their very objective is, above all, excellent taste.