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Boge Kompressoren Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

Screw compressors, piston compressors, oil lubricated or oil free, complete plants or single equipment units - BOGE is in a position to fulfil the most varying requirements and meet the highest demands in a precise and quality conscious manner. When it comes to compressed air supply, many industries prefer to rely on efficient system solutions: the food industry, the steel industry, the plastics industry as well as pharmaceutical companies. BOGE is one of the market leaders as well as one of the oldest compressor manufacturers in Germany with more than 100 years of experience. Around 500 highly qualified employees together with the management consider themselves to be responsible for product developments that adopt state-of-the-art thinking. Optimised machining tolerances and first class materials ensure highest efficiency and dependability to underpin continued growth and success. BOGE is proud that their compressors and compressed air systems are satisfying the needs of customers in more than 80 countries all over the world. Line filters and dryers as well as condensate management equipment correctly specified to meet customer requirements are also part of the BOGE product range.

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Rolf Struppek, Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven
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Boge Kompressoren Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG

The expert in complete compressed air systems, the newly established BOGE Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG based in Bielefeld offers tailored solutions to its customers. Specifically, complete systems consisting of compressed air components, pipework, cabling and ventilation – all from a single source. Generally speaking, customers need only specify the intended application, volume, quality and required pressure for the experienced BOGE experts to plan the optimal, tailored compressed air station for them. Customers are assigned a central project manager as their personal contact throughout the entire process from enquiry to site acceptance.With compressed air systems, sustainable energy concepts provide the most scope for savings, so the BOGE project team places the emphasis on the most efficient solution every time they set about developing a system. Efficiency hinges on the energy consumption of a compressed air system, and with large systems in particular, there are considerable amounts of energy to be saved. The BOGE engineers achieve these savings to the full by conducting a detailed needs analysis, a tailored engineering concept with suitable compressor types and treatment components, intelligent controllers, heat recovery solutions and a well-wrought pipework concept. For customers, this boils down to a potential reduction of 30% in energy and maintenance costs. Especially with oil-free compressed air stations with highly specific heat recovery, energy-optimised systems have been developed which meet the very highest standards.Base frames and turnkey container solutions account for an increasing proportion of the business of BOGE Anlagenbau GmbH und Co. KG. In addition to pure compressed air production, the company also offers components for nitrogen production and compression as well as steam-turbine driven compressors. Compressed air contracting constitutes another business line: here, customers only pay for the volume of compressed air used, allowing them to concentrate fully on their core business. The team at BOGE Anlagenbau provides a comprehensive advisory service for everything to do with compressed air.
Higher performance, advanced IE3 motor and optimised design features for maximum efficiency in the 11 kW/15 PS class: the newly designed screw compressors C 15 and C 15 D have completed the C series since the beginning of 2012. From the second quarter of 2012 the C 15 F and C 15 FD frequency regulated variants will also be on the market. The BOGE screw compressors of the C series provide the successful answer to the trend towards greater efficiency and more flexible performance. Their advantages, for example the compact, service-friendly construction, the low noise level in operation or the optimal heat recovery ensure the sustained popularity of these compressors. They are particularly suitable for workshops and medium-sized factories which need a constant and reliable supply of compressed air. The C 15 and C 15 D models with integrated dryer were added to the C series at the beginning of 2012, covering the complete spectrum from 11 to 22 kW. With the C 15 F and the C 15 FD, frequency regulated variants will be on the market from the second quarter of 2012. Thanks to the variable frequency regulation, these models consume only the energy which is needed for the actual compressed air demand. In addition, the fan for the C 15 F is independent of the frequency regulation of the drive system and thus guarantees an optimal cooling airstream in every operational phase. The C series offers many optimisations compared to the S series and replaces with immediate effect its models up to the class of 22 kW. For example the screw compressors are equipped with economical electro-motors of the 'premium efficiency' class IE 3 which clearly reduce the electrical power consumption of the compressor station and thus improve the running costs.The C 15 models additionally offer a housing concept which allows for integration of a heat recovery system and a dryer. The compressor air end is seated on four rubber feet, reducing vibration and further reducing the noise in operation.
The newest member of the BOGE airtelligence product family places intelligent and consumption-dependent control of companies' compressed air production in the hands of the user - preventing expensive idle times. The resulting boost in production efficiency markedly reduces energy use and opens up a significant savings potential for businesses. BOGE airtelligence plus allows you to control any combination of up to six different compressor makes, models and performance classes in a combined compressor system. A clear 4" colour display screen shows the operating states of the various compressors as well as important readings such as the system pressure and pressure switch points, and allows intuitive operation even of complex control processes. Easy though it may be to operate, the processes which the controller regulates in the background during compressor operation are far from straightforward. A pressure sensor detects whether, and how much, compressed air is needed. The user can programme the control to turn on, or turn off, previously defined compressors if certain consumer load profiles are identified. This ensures that the most cost-effective compressors for the required amount of compressed air are invariably the ones in operation. So if a lower volume flow is required during fluctuating demand, the combined compressor system is parameterised so that a small variable-speed compressor is switched on. If a large quantity is required, for instance, if a large single consumer load with a steady level of consumption is switched on, a larger compressor with a fixed speed is given the go-ahead. This marked increase in efficiency has two clear benefits for users: energy costs sink - even though the quantity of compressed air supplied remains constant. And not only that, maintenance and servicing costs are reduced too - as airtelligence plus ensures that the various compressors are run at their most efficient duty point. BOGE compressors can communicate directly with airtelligence plus using a standard RS 485/Modbus BUS interface. This helps when compressors are put on stream and is also an advantage when existing air compressors are upgraded. Previous generation controllers can benefit from interface modules which make it easier to link in the compressors.Airtelligence plus is supplied ready-to-install in a metal cabinet for wall mounting; models are available for pressure ranges up to 16 bar and up to 50 bar. The 7 day timer provides 50 channels which allow the compressors' workload to be freely programmed. This makes it possible to achieve not only base load switching but also, for example, to programme customised profiles for overnight switch-off times or weekend shifts with reduced compressed air demand.
A frequency controlled screw compressor. By changing the speed of both motor and air end the SLF can operate the air end in its specifically optimum range and adapt the compressed air output to the actual needs. Expensive idling times and motor switches are avoided. At the same time a smaller pressure band can be set, also helping to save enrgy. Special benefit: By adjusting the air end speed by frequency regulation not only the FAD can be adjusted but also the pressure value! Usual frequency controlled screw compressors only change the FAD at a certain given maximum pressure. Lowering the pressure value did not result in a higher FAD. But with the SLF adjusting the pressure value will at the same time result in an adjustment of the maximum possible FAD! This way a 13 bar model easily can be switched to an 8 bar model including the higher volume flow of an 8 bar machine. There are no alterings or constructive changes necessary. All pressure values can be served with one machine.