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Baumer Bourdon-Haenni GmbH was founded in 2001 and is a Manufacturer of Pressure Switches, Measuring & Test Equipment, Temperature Meters, Machine Thermometersand Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges. Baumer Bourdon-Haenni GmbH is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

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Ernst Werthmüller
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Baumer Bourdon-Haenni GmbH

The FFAR sensor can detect liquids easily, wear-free and continuous without requiring an electrical connection or a mechanical movement between fluid and sensor. The measuring principle is based on the total reflectance of infrared light at the interior of a translucent cone. Depending on whether the sensor tip is surrounded by liquid or air, the limit angle for the total reflectance of the light changes. If the sensor tip is surrounded by liquid, the light beam is diverted into the fluid and the sensor exit changes its switching status. Thanks to the sensor head made of borosilicate glass and the stainless steel case, the sensor is extremely resistant to a great number of aggressive substances. The liquid to be measured can be conductive, non-conducting, cloudy or clear. All parts exposed to surrounding media withstand a compression load of up to 40 bar and a temperature of up to 65°C.
In the oil producing industry, pressure measuring devices are exposed to extreme environmental conditions like crude oil infused with seawater or different gases. Baumer’s MPG and MPE series with polypropylene or phenolic cases and sensing elements made of stainless steel 316L are suitable for applications with crude oil and seawater. However, some processes produce hydrogen sulphide, an extremely corrosive gas corroding even stainless steel sensors. Therefore, the sensors of the ranges MPJ and MPF are equipped with a sensing element made of Monel, according to the NACE standard requirements for applications in the oil industry. Due to the usually very high pressure during oil production and processing, the devices provide a solid front and a blow-out back offering a maximum of security. The watertight instruments can be filled with dampening liquid. A special compensation diaphragm guarantees constant high accuracy even with filled devices. In comparison to oil fields, the environment is less polluted in refineries. Mounted in a stainless steel case and available with sensing elements made of stainless steel 316L or Monel, the series MEX5 and MEP5 are suitable pressure gauges for these areas.For processes like alkylation, where temperatures of over 400°C can be reached, a capillary tube can be mounted in front of the pressure gauge to reduce the temperature of the measuring device. For applications with heavy oil or tar, the pressure gauges are installed on chemical seals adhering to the compatibility of the diaphragm material with the fluid. Baumer offers a wide range of materials like Monel, stainless steel or tantalum for these fields of use.
Aggressive fluids like seawater have to be faced with according materials. Hastelloy C for the front piece and PTFE cable assure that this is the case with the new version of the ED752. Measuring of seawater may be dangerous for submersible transmitters. Corrosion limits the lifetime heavily if the right measures are not taken. The proof ED752 is now available with a diaphragm and front piece made of Hastelloy C. This avoids corrosion, which is especially harmful for the thin and sensitive diaphragm. Together with a PTFE cable the ED752 is now usable for the material antagonistic environment without any problems.
The newly developed features like additional process connections, faster response time or oil and grease free versions allow now to extend the application range of the ED701 remarkable. Although the ED701 was one of the most universal units on the market, the over the last few months developed new features like allow many additional solutions for pressure measuring problems. All the new features are based on customer wishes and feedback. The new ED701 can now be found on two separate data sheets, one for the hygienic versions and one for the industrial versions
New E610 capacitive pressure transmitter for demanding applications in gaseous and liquid environments. The E610 pressure transmitter measuring abs. and rel. pressure contains a ceramic capacitive sensor making it compatible with the most aggressive of fluids. This technology also provides very high resistance to overpressure (3...20 times f.s) as well as excellent long term stability at low pressures. Wetted parts and body are in W1.4404 (316L) stainless steel. Configuration is possible with the dedicated LinkProgrammer. E610 is especially suitable for applications with occasional large overpressures such as pressure peaks, water hammer effect, etc. in gaseous or liquid conditions. The main applications are water distribution and treatment in the private and industrial sectors.