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Prevent severe consequences in case of a short-circuit - Stäubli Electrical Connectors AG (formerly Multi-Contact)

Measuring electrical devices under load with hand-held test probes always bears a risk. Multi-Contact’s safety test accessories help prevent severe consequences in case of short-circuits and other unforeseen incidents. Looking back on many years of experience in providing electrical test & measurement accessories, Multi-Contact is well aware of the risks attached. The safety aspect has therefore always been in the focus of our broad range of test leads, connecting plugs, sockets, clips, probes and cables. Multi-Contact provides accessories for the measurement categories CAT I to CAT IV. Particularly in measurements on high-power circuits – e.g. the line entry of an electrical installation – safety precautions are essential, as short-circuits may have fatal consequences. Here, next to specific testing equipment high breaking capacity fuses should be employed, which are able to shut down very high short-circuit currents. With safety test leads by Multi-Contact, severe consequences of short-circuits can be avoided. Multi-Contact test leads XSMF-419 / XSMS-419 can be fitted with high breaking capacity fuses, allowing for protection in tests with standard test clips and probes.