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New CombiTac Modules - Stäubli Electrical Connectors AG (formerly Multi-Contact)

The new connectors for high voltage, high currents, and glass optical fibres respectively, were first presented at the Hannover Messe 2010 and are available from stock. Connectors for high voltage: Typical fields of application for the new high voltage component include testing stations which require high voltages and a high number of mating cycles. Other areas of application are tool changing systems for injection moulding machines, pulsed applications, and medical equipment. The rated voltage from pole to pole is 5 kV and from pole to the neutral conductor 2,9 kV. Connectors for high current: new Ø 12mm connector with silver plated contact has been particularly designed for high current applications up to 292A. For either crimp termination or metric thread termination using a cable lug on to flexible copper cable. The program is supplemented by a Ø 8mm contact. The second is longer than the current-carrying Ø 12mm contact and thus serves as first-to-make last-to-break contact. The design of the contact guarantees protection against incorrect mating and prevents accidental contact on the female side. Typical fields of application are devices which carry high currents such as welding systems and battery charging stations. Connectors for glass optical fibre cables: New component for data transfer is a 4-pole connector for Ø 3mm mono- or multi-mode optical fibre. Fibre types: Graded index fibre (GI): 50/125 and 62,5/125μm; Single mode fibre (SM: 9/125μm. Optical fibres are used wherever data transfer is required, e.g. in automated processes and machines, in medical technology (computer tomography), in the railway industry (control and passenger information systems), and in many other fields of application. Versatile connector systems: The CombiTac allows the indivdual combination of different contact types according to the requirements of the respective application: power, signal, data bus, coaxial, optical fibre, thermo and compressed air connectors. CombiTac is suited for demanding applications with high mating cycles. The high quality of the contacts with MC Multilam Technology and the floating mount provide a long life-span and low maintenance costs. Multi-Contact is specialized in developing customized solutions. In close cooperation with the customer our specialists analyse the specific reqirements of the application. Sometimes small modifications of existing products are sufficient in order to provide the optimum solution, in other cases new products are designed from scratch.