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New design “QUICKCut” taper and deburring countersinkers - RUKO GmbH

The completely new designed cutting geometry reduces the formation of built-up edges whilst increasing the service life at the same time by up to 25%. The new machining geometry causes a very good chip formation and thus enable the cutting speed to be increased by up to 30%. The shaft with 3 tensioning areas allows the high cutting forces to be transferred and effectively prevents it from slipping in the chuck. These properties make the countersinker particularly good for automatic and fast feeds. The "QUICKCut" taper and deburring countersinker also comes with a TiAIN (titanium aluminium nitride) wear-resistant coating. The wear-resistant coating increases the surface hardness of the "QUICKCut" taper and deburring countersinker to around 3,000 HV. Its heat resistance also increases to around 900°.