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Reverse Osmosis System ecoPRO - ProMinent GmbH

Potable water desalination for industrial applications - compact and cost-effective

As the system runs with low operating pressures, the entire system can be fitted with inexpensive PVC pipework and/or with pressure hoses. The system sizes ecoPRO 600-2,700 are also available with integrated semi-automatic cleaning system and raw water flushing option. The cleaning system can also be simply retrofitted. Equipped with the latest generation of "ultra low-pressure" diaphragms, this system achieves maximum permeate performance with low operating pressures, thereby lowering investment and operating costs.

Your benefits

  • Efficient operation with low pressure diaphragms with outputs of up to 85% and salt retention rates of up to 97%
  • Reduced maintenance and service costs as well as long diaphragm service lives, thanks to integrated cleaning concepts and flushing options
  • Service-friendly construction of systems on a corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel or PP frame
  • Simple and safe to operate: Microprocessor control with direct connection option for peripheral system components and integrated conductivity measurement with plain text display in the graphic display
  • One-stop integration into customised complete solutions by perfectly coordinated pre- and post-treatment from ProMinent.

Technical details

  • Types ecoPRO 100 – 1,500 are mounted on an extremely stable and corrosion-free PP frame.
  • Larger types ecoPRO 1,800 – 2,700 are mounted on a high-quality, double powder-coated steel frame.
  • Highly efficient operation with outputs of up to 85% and system retention rates of up to 97% integrated in epoxy-glass resin pressure pipes
  • Pre-filter 5µm with manometer for determining differential pressure
  • Pressure switch to protect the high-pressure pump
  • Flow meter to display permeate and concentrate volume
  • Optional semi-automatic cleaning system for chemical module cleaning for long module service lives
  • 2 switching inputs for level control of the cleaning tank
  • 2 switching inputs for level control of the permeate tank
  • Pause switching input for external On/Off
  • External fault switching input
  • Temperature measuring input (Pt 100)
  • Active permeate valve output (filling of cleaning tank)
  • Active output for flushing valve for initial permeate disposal (depending on conductivity), raw water, permeate and interval flushing (idle time management)
  • Active output for controlling a metering pump (anti-scalant)
  • Analogue output 0/4 - 20 mA conductance

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