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pH Transmitter DULCOMETER® Shaft Transmitters - ProMinent GmbH

The compact transmitter for installation in control cabinets.

The DULCOPAC transmitter in a DIN housing is intended for installation on a top hat rail (in a control cabinet). It measures and regulates the measured variables in aqueous solutions: pH, ORP, chlorine, bromine, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and conductivity.

With the measured variables pH and ORP, it is possible to select between a DULCOPAC transmitter with a highly-ohmic coaxial input (direct connection of a pH/ORP sensor) or a 4-20 mA two-wire input. A transmitter is also needed when connecting pH or ORP via 4-20 mA (part no. 809126 for pH and part no. 809127 for ORP).

Two analogue outputs (0/4...20 mA) are available for recording purposes and two potential-free low voltage relays with a changeover contact for control of metering pumps. The analogue outputs are electrically isolated. The DULCOPAC is operated and configured using buttons and the integrated LC display via codes.

The power supply is provided via a special DULCOPAC power supply and can feed up to 10 DULCOPAC units. It provides the requisite galvanic isolation to the mains power supply.

Your benefits

  • Space-saving: Direct installation in a control cabinet
  • Safe measuring technology: galvanic isolation between the sensor and power supply

Technical details

  • Measured variables: pH, ORP, chlorine, bromine, conductivity, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and temperature
  • Correction variable: Temperature for pH and conductivity via Pt 100
  • Control characteristic: P/PID control
  • Control: Bidirectional control
  • Signal current output: 2 x 0/4-20 mA electrically isolated
  • Protection class: IP 20

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DULCOMETER® Shaft Transmitters

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