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pH Sensor DULCOTEST® - ProMinent GmbH

Reliable online measurement of pH values – with DULCOTEST® sensors

The online measurement and adjustment of pH values must be as accurate, fast and reliable as possible, with high availability of the measured values, whether for the monitoring, control or regulation of chemical processes.

Our product line of DULCOTEST® pH sensors provides a wide range of pH sensors for different measuring tasks.

The production of our pH sensors is subject to very strict quality controls (e.g. in accordance with ROHs guidelines). Routine steps are automated but critical steps are carried out manually under expert supervision. In this way we achieve optimum reproducible quality and cost reduction.

Your benefits

  • Precise and reliable pH measurement enables efficient processes and maximum process reliability
  • The wide choice of sensor types with different constructions makes them reliable components in many applications
  • A long service life is achieved through the use of the best quality materials for the glass and diaphragms, a stable reference system and optimised production. This minimises both downtime and maintenance
  • With short storage times and fast delivery, your pH sensors can be up and running very quickly and you can make maximum use of their service life (all glass sensors start to age as soon as they leave production)
  • Wide range of special versions for fitting length, cable length and plugs for made-to-measure connection to your process
  • Unique label for OEM partners

Technical details

  • Selection of sensor type according to the application
  • The insertion angle must be > 15° from the horizontal (except with PHEK-L: horizontal to vertical)
  • Maximum flow < 0.8 m/s
  • With cable lengths > 10 m, use the 4-20 mA transducer type PHV1
  • Calibration using quality buffer solutions



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