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Metering System DULCODOS® PPLA - ProMinent GmbH

For the animal feed industry: Ensuring pet food is further enriched with essential nutrients.

The metering of liquid products plays a decisive role in the production of animal feed. Vitamins and enzymes are probably the best known types of liquid additives. The raw materials for the feed are milled, mixed and then pressed into pellets. DULCODOS® PPLA metering stations apply liquid additives to the feed after pelleting. The liquid products are stored in a container and transported by means of a filling pump into the metering station's daily storage tanks. Water is used as a carrier substance to guarantee the necessary even distribution of additives in the feed. One pump is used for the additives, a second pump for the dilution water. The additives and the water are combined in the mixing station and thoroughly mixed by a static mixer. The diluted additives are sprayed onto the animal feed through a nozzle. Standard solutions within a range of less than 50 ppm to over 1000 ppm are possible.

Your benefits

  • Fast project planning
  • Precise metering

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