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Liquid Feeder DULCODOS® panel - ProMinent GmbH

A large number of metering tasks are similar or are repeated. We offer a complete ready mounted solution.

Two hydraulic connection points guarantee simple installation of the metering system. The ready mounted systems consist of components that have been perfectly matched to each other to ensure problem-free operation. You obtain a complete system. Individually configure your metering systems at the time of ordering. A simple selection system makes ordering easy and guarantees maximum efficiency even at the time of ordering.

Your benefits

  • DULCODOS® panel plate-mounted metering systems Ready assembled on a mounting plate, with pipework fitted and complete with all hydraulic and electrical accessories
  • Compact construction
  • Fast project planning
  • Flexible thanks to modular construction
  • Proven many times over

Technical Data

Panel-mounted metering systems can be selected and ordered with the help of an identity code system.

First of all, select and order the metering and standby pump using the separate pump identity code.

The following options can be selected:

  • Assembly frame with pipework for installation of a metering pump
  • Extension for installation of a standby pump (same type as the metering pump)
  • Pipework material
  • Seal material
  • Vacuum cylinder
  • Vacuum pump
  • Pulsation damper
  • Manometer
  • Overflow device
  • Terminal box
  • Leakage sensor
  • Connections for the suction and discharge side

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