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Chemical Feeder DULCODOS® eco - ProMinent GmbH

Choose from a range of different components and adapt the metering system to your requirements.

Two hydraulic connection points guarantee simple installation of the metering system. The ready mounted system consists of components that have been perfectly matched to each other to ensure problem-free operation. You obtain a complete system. Individually configure your metering system at the time of ordering. A simple selection system makes ordering easy and guarantees maximum efficiency even at the time of ordering.

Your benefits

  • One to three metering pumps mounted on a storage tank, ready for connection with all the necessary accessories
  • Short delivery time
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Compact construction
  • Fast commissioning
  • Versatile use

Technical details

  • Dosing tank: PE, various colours, 35 – 1,000 litres
  • Collecting pan: PE, various colours, 35 – 1,000 litres
  • Lock for screw top
  • Hand mixer / stirrer: PP, PVDF or stainless steel, various outputs
  • Suction assembly: PP, PVC, various connectors
  • Level switch for suction assembly: 2 -stage
  • Drain tap: PP, PVC, with ball valve
  • Metering pump: alpha, Beta®, gamma/ X, Sigma/ 1, Sigma/ 2, Sigma/ 3

Selectable components

  • PE dosing tank (35 – 1,000 litres)
  • Stackable collecting pans (35 – 1,000 litres)
  • Lock for tank screw top
  • Hand mixer/stirrer (*)
  • Suction assembly
  • Level switch for suction assembly
  • Drain tap for storage tank (*)
  • Order metering pump (*) separately (Order the pump separately due to the large number of possible pumps that can be installed on storage tanks. Use the identity code for the pump you require.)

* These components are ready for subsequent installation, but are supplied separately to avoid damage in transit. Customers should fully install the system on site.

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