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Flowmeter DulcoFlow® - ProMinent GmbH

Your reliable control unit: unobtrusively measures, monitors and detects faults.

The device works on the ultrasound measuring principle. It was developed specifically for measuring small pulsating volumetric flows. It is installed around 30 cm downstream of the metering pump, so that there is still sufficient pulsation in the flow. All liquids that conduct ultrasound waves can be measured.

Your benefits

  • Maximum chemical resistance by the use of PVDF and PTFE
  • No electrical conductivity of the medium is needed
  • Measurement above stroke volumes of approx. 30 µl
  • Detection of gas bubbles in the feed chemical
  • No bottlenecks in the measuring tube. Media with small undissolved particles or with increased viscosity can be measured
  • A 0/4 -20 mA current output and a frequency output are available for remote transmission of the measured values.

Technical details

  • 2 LEDs for status display and stroke feedback
  • 2-line graphic display
  • 0/4 – 20 mA standard signal and 0 – 10 kHz frequency output for remote transmission of the measured value
  • Compact, chemically-resistant plastic housing
  • Measuring accuracy ±2% if the device has been calibrated to the chemical to be measured. Max. operating pressure 16 bar.

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