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Flow Controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACa - ProMinent GmbH

Transparency of water analysis in the Dialog controller for one or two measuring points.

The diaLog DACa controller uses intelligent controller functions to close the control circuit between ProMinent DULCOTEST® sensors and ProMinent® metering pumps. It offers special functions for water treatment, like the processing of disturbance variables and switch-over of control parameters.
The controller was developed for continuous measurement and control of the parameters necessary for this and can be configured for one of two measuring channels depending on the application. Sensors from 14 freely selectable measured variables can be connected per channel. The controller can communicate with analogue or digital sensors and actuators.
Popular field buses are available for communication with the control level. The data, calibration and event logger records all measured values, control variables, digital inputs, calibration values, warning and error messages with a time stamp on the SD card.

Your benefits

  • Lower investment costs: through two independent PID controllers in one device
  • Flexible selection and permits simple subsequent adjustments: 14 different measured variables per channel
  • Ready for the world - offers 22 operating languages
  • Transparency in troubleshooting: Event, calibration and measured data logger with easy-to-access SD memory card
  • Ready for integration into your system: with various field bus systems, like PROFIBUS®-DP, PROFINET®, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP

Technical details

  • Measured variables: pH, ORP, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, bromine, conductivity, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, dissolved oxygen and fluoride
  • Method of installation, degree of protection: Combination housing (wall mounting, control panel mounting, pillar assembly) IP 67, IP 54
  • Measurement: 1 or 2 measuring channels, optional
  • Temperature compensation for pH, pH compensation for chlorine
  • Control: PID controller, monodirectional controller (e.g. with pH acid or alkali), bidirectional controller (e.g. with pH acid and alkali)
  • Control inputs: 2 digital control inputs (5 control inputs with 2-channel controller)
  • Control outputs: Feedforward control of flow via mA or frequency (e.g. of contact water meter)

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