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Electrolysis plants CHLORINSITU® II - ProMinent GmbH

From cooking salt chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide are made. Directly on site.

Electrolysis systems of the type CHLORINSITU® II generate sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of 5 g/l. A saturated solution of sodium chloride is produced in a salt dissolving tank, included in the scope of delivery for this purpose, which, after appropriate dilution, is electrolysed in an open tubular cell. The resulting solution is collected in a storage tank and, from there, metered according to requirements using separate metering pumps. Due to its moderate pH value of 8.5 – 9, it affects the pH of the treated water significantly less than if conventional sodium hypochlorite with a pH of 12 – 13.5 were used. Much less acid is used to adjust the pH value, enabling savings of up to 80%. The hydrogen always produced during electrolysis is diluted with fresh air through an ATEX 95-approved fan and discharged safely. Both the salt-dissolving and diluting water comes from a softener unit integrated in the system, preventing the formation of lime deposits and ensuring the long service life of the electrolytic cell. There is therefore no need for acid purification. Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU® II are especially suitable for applications where a robust and clearly laid out technology is required and where the entrainment of residual sodium chloride into the water being treated is not a problem.

Your benefits

  • Robust, simple technology
  • Safe system control with remote diagnosis by Remote Control Engineer
  • Cost-effective operation thanks to the use of sodium chloride as an inexpensive raw material and lower chemical consumption for pH adjustment
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Improved working conditions for operating personnel
  • No risk of confusing dangerous chemical tanks

Technical details

  • Modern PLC with large illuminated display
  • Integrated Remote Control Engineer for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Power supply 1 x 230 V (50 – 150 g/h) (VAC/1P/N/PE/50 Hz)
  • Power supply 3 x 400 V (> 200 g/h) (VAC/3P/N/PE/50 Hz)

Scope of delivery:

Electrolysis systems of type Chlorinsitu® II are mounted ready-wired with a PLC on a powder-coated stainless steel frame in the control cabinet. They include a Remote Control Engineer for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting, integrated water softener system, open tubular cells, ATEX 95-compliant bleed system and separate salt dissolving tanks and level monitoring unit. The system also includes liquid level sensors for monitoring the storage tank to be set up on site for sodium-calcium hypochlorite. A duplex water softener is fitted as standard for systems producing more than 1,800 g/h. Automatic monitoring of water hardness downstream of the softening system can be offered as an option.

Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU® II, III, V and V Plus are offered and planned to meet customer specifications. This is true both for the system documentation and the subsequent supply of spare parts and maintenance.

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