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Centrifugal Pump von Taine® - ProMinent GmbH

The safe and high-quality solution when liquid media need to be pumped leak-free.

The von Taine® pump is a solenoid-coupled centrifugal pump. Thanks to the solenoid coupling, the pump transports the liquid medium from storage tank to storage tank without any leaks or even from a tank to a discharge line. The von Taine® centrifugal pump transports media at up to 22,500 l/h and up to a discharge lift of 23.5 metres. As the pump capacity is highly dependent on the back pressure, always observe the performance curve.

Important note

Check the material tolerability when selecting your pump. Take into consideration the density, viscosity and temperature of the medium to be transported. Please also note: The transported media should not contain any solid fractions. The pump is not self-priming and requires a feed.

Your benefits

  • Safe and reliable: Leak-free pumping of liquid chemicals
  • Coupling between motor and impeller via magnetic coupling

Technical details

  • Pump head made of PP or PVDF
  • FKM or EPDM seal
  • The pump is not self-priming and requires a feed
  • Protect the pump from running dry
  • Hydraulic connectors with pipe threading as per DIN ISO 228-1

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von Taine®

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