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Barrel & Drum Pump DULCO®Trans - ProMinent GmbH

Barrel pumps are the ideal solution for moving liquids.

DULCO®Trans is used for bottling, draining and transferring liquids from canisters, hobbocks, drums, storage tanks and containers.

Included in the scope of supply: Metering hose with pump nozzle.

Your benefits

  • Reliable pumping of liquid chemicals
  • Pump sets available for different delivery containers
  • Pump nozzle for convenient filling of liquids
  • Undervoltage trigger prevents unintentional start-up after an interruption to the operating voltage.
  • The overcurrent safety switch prevents overloading of the motor.

Technical details

  • Pump available in PP or PVDF
  • PVC hose
  • Pump nozzle made of PP or PVDF
  • Protect the pump from running dry
  • Pumps cannot be remotely controlled

PDF Barrel & Drum Pumps DULCO®Trans


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