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DULCOTEST® OZR ozone sensor - ProMinent GmbH

The continuous monitoring, even in difficult conditions such as long absence of ozone or in contaminated waters, is solved conveniently and reliably with the new amperometric DULCOTEST® online sensor from ProMinent from the R-series (resistant) type OZR 1. Visitors of the ACHEMA 2015 will be able to view the integration of the sensor into a cooling water application on Stand J94 in Hall 8.

The OZR 1-mA-2-ppm sensor type with a measuring range of 0.02 to 2 mg/l is ideal to continuously determine low concentrations of the ozone. For the first time, this sensor type makes it possible to reliably monitor the absence of ozone, for example to display the breaking through the filter for the protection of reverse osmosis membranes. This is accomplished through permanent chemical self-activation of the measuring electrodes by the electrolytes. Due to these properties, OZR 1 is also used in batch processes with/without ozone, for example to treat potable water without occurrence of known problems associated with such sensors, from long run-in periods, necessary recalibration to sensor damage.

The second strength of the sensor type OZR lies in its tolerance against contamination, which makes it ideal for online measurements of ozone in contaminated waters such as cooling water, service water, process water and waste water.

This is ensured by a dirt resistant, poreless silicone membrane, which is permeable to ozone but not for soluble and insoluble components of the water. Cross sensitivities to chlorine do not exist. The sensor can be used with pH values of between 4 and 11 and for temperatures of between 5 and 40°C.