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Yarn changing in the hands of robots – automatically better performance - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Automatic rotary creel loading is one technical solution that can be used for automating the processing sequences when changing the bobbins on KARL MAYER’s sample warping machines (Fig. 1). This innovative system comprises a robot, which is responsible for changing the yarn bobbins and knotting-on the yarns. This robot technology was developed jointly by KARL MAYER and Primon Automazioni. This leading producer of warp preparation machinery brought its special expertise in building warping machines to bear in this joint project, whilst the Italian producer of automation and rationalisation systems proved to be extremely adept at developing automatic sequences for warp preparation. Primon Automazioni has been supplying the market for some years now with automated solutions for e.g. doffing and donning creels with full and empty bobbins. The objective of these two specialist suppliers was to optimise the already extremely efficient operations of the Gir-O-Matic even further. The aim was to make this machine, which is already extremely reliable, flexible and productive, even more beneficial to its users, especially when working with yarns that have to be changed frequently and with short warp lengths. Exceptional performance from the Gir-O-Matic: KARL MAYER’s Gir-O-Matic sample warping machine is designed for the production of multi-coloured or single-colour sample and production warps in warp lengths of up to 1,050 metres. Depending on the number of bobbin positions on the rotary creel, this warp preparation machine is available as the GOM 8, GOM 16S, GOM 16 or GOM 24, and these are all extremely efficient, high-precision production machines. More specifically, a patented band build-up control system guarantees perfect band build and stepper motors ensure that the yarns are transported accurately. Other features include a drum having a circumference of 7 m, a leasing and beaming unit and, on the GOM 16 and GOM 24, an optional pre-draw-off drum and pressure roller device. The separating device enables from one to nine separate bands to be laid, and is controlled automatically, which guarantees a fully automatic warping sequence. The pre-draw-off drum and beaming unit handle the warps to guarantee perfect further processing. All these features can be accessed easily via the relevant software. An Operator Interface in the form of a touchscreen allows data to be input easily, and enables all the operations to be seen ‘at-a-glance’. This interface is also responsible for communicating with the KAMCOS® system, the link to the machine’s modular computer units. The Gir-O-Matic can be networked via an Ethernet system and linked up to the KARL MAYER Teleservice system. The advantages of this clever configuration include: perfect handling of the yarn, perfect warp beam build, perfect length accuracy, productivity is increased by as much as 40% when processing single-colour warps and by up to 600% when sample warping, compared to the sectional warping technology. Optimising specific sequences, such as yarn donning using robots, has enabled the performance of the Gir-O-Matic to be increased even further.