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Taste is open to dispute – but there is only one right machine - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

As the shoe shown on this page illustrates, we can cope with anything in our daily lives and our sporting prowess knows no bounds – as long as we are wearing the right shoes. This all-round, stylish shoe is light and comfortable to wear, and is also stable and breathable. The textile used in the shaft is largely responsible for the functional characteristics of the shoe. The fabric used was developed by KARL MAYER and produced on the new TM 4-EL. It was made up into this sporty design by Long John Tsung Right Industrial Co., Ltd. This Taiwanese company is known the world over as an integrated manufacturer of a wide range of shoes. Long John’s part in the cooperative venture was to use the double-layered fabric supplied by KARL MAYER to produce a continuous shaft with a clean profile, without using any reinforcing elements. The TM 4-EL has a variety of features that enable it to produce different patterns. One of the patterns developed has an attractive, continuous filet construction featuring segments having different pore sizes. The differently sized holes were produced by the interaction of two ground guide bars with a filet drawing-in arrangement and EL control. The two ground guide bars were partly combined to produce an almost full drawing-in arrangement to work another design having smooth areas. The EL facility on the TM 4 can also be used to alter the length of the segments having the dense surfaces. Whereas two of the four ground guide bars worked the filet pattern, the other two ground guide bars worked a pillar stitch and weft lapping to provide stability – and this applies to both of the designs. As well as producing a wide variety of different patterns, this new machine in the TM series is fast and user-friendly, and produces a high-quality product. At a working width of 180", the TM 4-EL can operate at speeds of up to 1,400 min-1 – a performance which, together with its attractive price, makes this new four-bar machine an interesting proposition for the mid-range sector.