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Striking a blow for speed once again - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Two-bar, high-speed tricot machines can now produce plain warp-knitted textiles even more efficiently. KARL MAYER launched the HKS 2-M onto the market at this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME fair in June, thus presenting a machine that is roughly 20% faster than its predecessor. At a working width of 180", the HKS 2-M can reach maximum speeds of 3,200 min-1. The version with a width of 210", which can operate at up to 3,000 min-1, is setting new standards. This increase in speed has been achieved by optimising the knitting motion and making the bars even lighter. The HKS 2-SE is one of the models equipped with lighter knitting elements and was unveiled at the ShanghaiTex trade fair last year. In addition to increasing the speed, KARL MAYER’s engineers also focused on reducing the cost. Thanks to a number of clever modifications to the construction, the HKS 2-M is being offered at an attractive price. The 210"-wide machine is likely to be particularly well received by the market, thanks to its perfect cost:benefit ratio. This flexible, medium-stroke machine is especially suitable for producing non-stretch fabrics with a low stitch number, loose yarn running, and gauges of up to E 32. These mainly include technical and semi-technical textiles, for example, mattress covers, velour fabrics for the furniture industry, nets, sports goods, shoe fabrics and printing grounds. But tulle, stylish, open mesh fabrics and plain fabrics for the clothing sector can also be produced on the HKS 2-M.