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Small footprint leaves lasting impression - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Lace belongs to the “must have” accessories of female charm, appearing in the same diversity as women themselves. Nevertheless, the manufacture of these delicate and seductive articles not only requires a filigree design but also highest efficiency – requirements which result in a continuous upgrading of the technical perfection of the production equipment used. KARL MAYER plays a leading role in the development of lace raschel machines with extended performance profile. This experienced textile machinery builder is currently launching four new models which are meant to complete his successful ML and JL machine series. These innovations are designed to produce simple trimmings (lace edgings), showing an exceptionally high productivity. Compared to conventional production technologies, the high efficiency of these novel types ensures the same output although the machines require less space, or in case of the same floor space requirement the machines offer higher performance. The small footprint of the new models gives especially long-established, urban companies with reduced expansion possibilities the chance to make great leaps forward. Besides, the innovative ML and JL types are best suited for large-scale production markets. The newcomers of the ML series combine the basic technical features of the Multibar Lace machine with KARL MAYER’s latest innovations in the sector of lace raschel machines. Particularly the replacement of the old systems based on chain links and SU drives by the extremely successful string bar concept, the computer platform KAMCOS® with Multi Speed, the electronic control systems for yarn feeding and patterning as well as features such as the Positive Pattern Beam Drive (PPD) for active pattern yarn feeding result in a considerably increased efficiency of the newly developed types – at an exceptionally favourable price. By means of KARL MAYER’s clever location policy focusing on the core-part production in Germany as essential aspect of the company’s strategy, the two additional types of the Multibar Lace machine range offer a clearly improved price-performance ratio – compared to their predecessors. The two Multibar raschel machines are available in gauges of E 24 and E 28. They operate at a working width of 134“, and their maximum rotational speed is 900 min-1. Being based on the same machine platform, they mainly differ by their bar configuration. The arrangement of the bars can be seen in Figs. 1 and 2. As an optional feature, the GB 2 can be replaced by two to four pattern guide bars for producing picot bindings or additional inlay laps (weft laps). Besides, upon request, it is also possible to use one ground guide bar for working another inlay lap. Moreover, the ML 46 also offers the possibility to replace the first of the two rear ground guide bars by four additional pattern guide bars. By increasing the number of pattern guide bars compared to its lowbar counterpart, the ML 46 can produce designs with even more sophisticated motifs as well as wider lace bands next to one another.