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Reusable clip strings set the tone in string bar production - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

KARL MAYER’s lace raschel machines are extremely productive yet flexible, and unleash their full potential thanks to their clever special features, which are being improved and optimised all the time. The latest developments include the introduction of a flexible patternguide finger system that enables the company’s clients to mount the patternguide fingers onto the string bars themselves by means of clips in line with the pattern. Until now, they have had to order adhesively-bonded string bars. As of September 2014, every new machine will feature these flexible patternguide fingers. Machines that have already been delivered can also be operated using this new system. Special mounting packages with different features are available from the Spare Parts Division for doing this.

High flexibility, low costs, unlimited use
This new system can be used without any additional guide elements and permits infinitely variable repeats to be worked. Any repeat width can be processed, without limiting the intervals in-between. The only restriction is the minimum distance between the patternguide fingers. The patternguide fingers and strings can be re-used by clipping and unclipping them any number of times. It is simply a question of removing the patternguide fingers from the strings (unclipping) and then clipping them back on again to suit the subsequent pattern. The customer can carry out the work himself in his own plant, which saves time when changing the pattern. To reduce the changeover times, and consequently the length of downtimes, the customer can order additional string bar sets and mount the patternguide fingers onto the strings that are not being used, ready to work the next batch. There is virtually no quicker way of reacting to new market trends! Another advantage of these flexible patternguide fingers is that less capital is tied up when working the different repeats, since a string set no longer has to be bought for each repeat width. Smaller batches will therefore become more cost effective in future.

Simple positioning, rapid fixing
KARL MAYER has developed a special setting table for producing the clip strings. The assembly equipment basically consists of positioning plate and a movable measuring unit, which determines the repeat-dependent distances between the patternguide fingers according to data contained in the setting scheme and on the basis of the gauge. This arrangement enables the position of the patternguide fingers on the string to be located accurately, quickly and easily. The patternguide fingers are clipped on using mounting pliers and unclipped using disconnecting pliers. Although this is a simple procedure, the clamping connection between the patternguide finger and the string is very secure and reliable. Even twisting cannot affect the secure bond. The setting table, including the necessary tools, strings and patternguide fingers, will be available starting at the ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014 in Shanghai, which takes place from June 16 until 20. The delivery of the spare parts by KARL MAYER’s Spare Parts Division will start end of September 2014.

Retrofitting to suit customer requirements
The new clip string system can also be integrated into existing machines. KARL MAYER offers spare parts packages made up of different expansion phases for changing over entire plants. The service starts with supplying the basic equipment, such as the setting table, strings and patternguide fingers, and ends with the setting-up of a suitable logistics system for fitting all the machines with minimal downtimes. The advantages of the clip string system can be fully utilised by drawing-up an appropriate retrofitting plan. KARL MAYER is able to assist its clients with determining the right number of string sets for their plants. “We first of all analyse the conditions existing in the client’s plant and ascertain, for example, how frequently the patterns are changed. On the basis of this, we work with them to develop a retrofitting strategy that takes into account the payback- and downtimes, the purchasing costs and the storage costs. By doing this, the potential of our machines can be exploited even more,” explains Axel Wintermeyer, the Head of the Spare Parts Division at KARL MAYER.