KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Bühlstrasse 25
63179 Obertshausen

Pioneers in a growth market - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

The textile industry belongs to India’s supporting pillars and receives important growth stimuli from numerous innovative manufacturers such as GoyalKnitfab Pvt. Ltd. This company based in Surat is one of the country’s market leaders in the warp-knitting section. The family enterprise was established in 2001 and today it produces tricot, Raschel and one Simplex articles, particularly elastic and rigid fabrics, two- and three-dimensional structures as well as velours textiles – offering a high in-house production depth. From warp production via warp-knitting process up to finishing, the entire production chain takes place in the own company. GoyalKnitfab gains an important competitive edge especially by completing its fabric manufacture by a wide-range of finishing cycles. This enterprise serves the high-end market worldwide. The top-quality products from Surat are delivered to customers in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. The most important factors for the company’s success are a persistent orientation towards high quality. „A pronounced quality consciousness can be found in every single of our manufacturing steps and with every of our well-trained, experienced employees“, explains Managing Director Atul Goyal. „In this way we keep with our slogan: Always deliver best quality at competitive prices with high efficiency“, adds the Manager. Besides, another driving force of GoyalKnitfab is innovation. For Atul Goyal the constant renewal and extension of the product range represent the secret to the company’s future success. It was only recently that this enterprise developed a permeable textile spacer for a membrane filter system which stood the rigorous test of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for drinking water. In order to be able to fulfil its high ambitions of perfection and innovation, GoyalKnitfab relies on high-tech and first-class production machines – in other words: on machines made by KARL MAYER. At present GoyalKnitfab has about 18 different KARL MAYER machines operating in its air-conditioned factory halls. The machines supplied by this well-known machinery manufacturer based in Obertshausen are: Raschel machines type RSE 4, Simplex machine, one double needle bar Raschel machine type RD 6 1/12 and the high-performance tricot machines type HKS 2-3 and HKS 3-M. With the HKS 3-M GoyalKnitfab purchased one of the most versatile and at the same time most efficient machines from KARL MAYER’s portfolio. The specific design of the knitting elements and of their movement enables the HKS 3-M to produce a wide variety of stitch densities. Tulle and net constructions can be manufactured both efficiently and in a high quality, and the same is valid for dense and weft-raised articles. Moreover, the tricot machine can work different lappings and can process all yarns commonly used in warp knitting. As flexible and versatile as the machine technology is also Goyal Knitfab’s product range. Textiles for fashionwear are especially: all kinds of tulles e.g. swiss tulle, embroidery tulle, etc., then marquisettes for embroidery used in saris and dress material, as well as exclusive pleated fabrics for ladies’ outerwear in the high-fashion segment. For the Activewear market GoyalKnitfab offers fabrics with moisture management properties in particular: small-hole mesh, big-hole mesh net constructions for example to be used as lining, plain tricot, double-face structures, and velour fabrics which, among other things, are employed for tracksuits and fleece products.