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Magical, seamless chic - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Seamless designs are one of the success stories of the modern textile industry; they turn mere body parts into eye-catching things of beauty and conjure up something magical out of clothing – as shown by the leggings on this page. The garment, which comes somewhere between tights and stirrup pants, emphasises the slim outline of long legs and conjures up a look of extravagant elegance on the skin. The textile technology used to produce this relies on a sophisticated pattern produced on a warp knitting machine. The clever, open-work design was worked on a DJ 4/2 EL in a gauge of E 24. This compact, double-bar raschel machine produces long, free-standing fringe sections for the legs, which open out into a wide, dense border with wavy contours and works a firm, dense structure for the panty part – and all these sections are produced in a single piece. All the parts of the leggings are worked directly on the warp knitting machine – from the dense bottom part through the open-work pattern of the legs to the narrow stirrups. The special technical configuration of the DJ 4/2 EL enables it to produce these designs. It includes EL control of the movement of the guide bars and electronically controlled yarn feed – technical features that are made possible by the KAMCOS® computer system. This machine computer concept comprises the Motion Control/Multi Speed system for controlling all the main functions, the Pattern Control component for controlling the jacquard motion, a USB port for storing or loading the pattern data, an Ethernet interface for integrating the machine into the company’s network, and the Operator Interface for easy-to-understand machine operation using touch screen technology. The Laserstop yarn monitoring system is also integrated into the KAMCOS® system. The DJ 4/2 EL is equipped with two ground guide bars and two split piezo jacquard bars for feeding the yarn flexibly to the knitting point. The piezo jacquard system in particular enables zones having different densities to be worked seamlessly into the textile. The jacquard constructions in the various patterns also enable a wide variety of designs to be produced.