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Knowing which way the wind blows - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Just as sustainable as the production of wind energy is the growth in businesses specialising in the technology for its exploitation. For some time now, the wind turbine market has been expanding very positively. The textile machinery producer, KARL MAYER MALIMO, has expanded its product range in order to cater for the special requirements of the wind power sector even better. This subsidiary of KARL MAYER, the market leader in warp knitting and warp preparation machines, is a specialist in producing multiaxial machines, among others, for producing the composites from which the rotors of the wind turbines are manufactured. The current model in this successful range is designated the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL. It was launched onto the market in 2009 and has been proving itself successfully since then in a wide range of applications. This flexible and efficient machine was complemented by the Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL at the beginning of this year – a new machine, which is based on the technology of the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL. The Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL specialises in meeting the standard requirements of rotor blade production in Asia. It offers an excellent price:peformance ratio and is extremely flexible. With various weft insertion systems, this multiaxial machine can produce a wide range of different reinforcement structures – a performance profile that is also achieved very easily. KARL MAYER’s integrated KAMCOS® system provides an easy-to-understand man:machine interface via touchscreen, accurate monitoring, and the possibility of data communication with company networks. As well as being flexible and easy to operate, the Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL is also extremely accurate. The well-thought-out design of the transport chains and the weft-laying units guarantees absolute uniformity and constant yarn tension levels when processing technical yarns – at every laying angle. Despite high laying frequencies and machine speeds, the yarns are handled extremely gently on the machine. This is due to the use of state-of-the-art materials and complex design details, especially with regard to the design of the drive technology and weft insertion systems. Just like the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL, the Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL is also available in a working width of 100". The integrated cutting devices enable the finished textile to be cut into webs of the required width directly on the machine. The standard version comprises one set of three cutting devices – one each at the sides and one in the middle. The machine operates in the standard gauges of E 5 and E 6, and additional gauges are available on request. When manufacturing the Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL, KARL MAYER MALIMO is highlighting its closeness to the market by choosing its Chinese KARL MAYER subsidiary to produce the machine. This is where the first machine presentation was held from 14 to 17 January. During the first in-house presentation in Changzhou City, the innovative new machine was processing glass fibre yarns produced by Yixing Yushi Special Type Glass, OCV Glass Fibers, CPIC Fiberglass and Taishan Fiberglass, which were all supplied from a roll. Multiaxial reinforcing fabrics for use in composites were being produced from the technical yarns at maximum precision and a high speed. At an operating speed of 1,500 min-1, the Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL was producing 4.5 running metres per minute - a performance that greatly impressed the guests. Representatives from 21 producers of composites and rotor blades accepted KARL MAYER’s invitation and travelled there from every region of China. “During the individual machine presentations, our customers watched the operations of the new Maxtronic® MULTIAXIAL very closely and looked at its technical features very carefully,” said Axel Wintermeyer.