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KARL MAYER's presentation at Techtextil 2011 - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

KARL MAYER demonstrated the multifaceted nature of his machines for the production of technical textiles at Techtextil 2011. Here a water sports enthusiast in a warp-knitted functional shirt and shorts posed next to a surfboard based on a resin-coated carbon-fibre web. A golf bag with a padded lining made from a warp-knitted spacer fabric and warp-knitted net pockets hold the clubs ready for playing on green artificial turf, also from a warp-knitted base fabric, and a runner, clad from head to toe in warp-knitted fabric – one- or three-dimensional – stood in starting blocks. Warp-knitted spacer fabrics were among the great themes of 2011. For the manufacturer of spacer fabrics KARL MAYER was able to offer a wide range of products with a multifaceted profile – from the HighDistance® via the RD 6/1-12 to the new RD 7/2-12 (EL). There were many specialist conversations and actual sales transactions regarding these efficient double raschel machines. KARL MAYER also showed a miniature version of a geogrid for slope reinforcement. The combined grid/nonwoven structure was produced on an RS 3 MSUS V machine and demonstrated on a 1:20 scale model the possibility of configuring slopes of up to 80 degrees instead of the usual 45 degrees. The textile products from magazine-weft machines, optionally with web feed, are being used increasingly in the construction sector, particularly in drainage and reinforcements – a development which became noticeable once again as a result of increased demand for efficient production equipment at this year's Techtextil. 'The new infrastructure projects in Russia, Turkey and Iran in particular are giving a new momentum to the market for geotextiles', declared Axel Wintermeyer, sales manager for the technical textiles business sector. 'We were able to sign several machine deals during the fair', he added. The new Weftronic RS was also the focal point of visitor interest and much in demand. KARL MAYER demonstrated the efficiency profile of the highly modern raschel machine with parallel weft insertion on a PVC-coated fabric which was being turned into an advertising sail. Printed advertising hoardings, tarpaulins and boat covers are among the most important end-uses for technical warp-knitted fabrics with excellent tensile and tear strength, and were the subject of many discussions at Techtextil –particularly with regard to visitors from Turkey, Korea and Iran. The interest in webs from bonded fibre material, for the production of which KARL MAYER has developed the Malitronic® Multiaxial, was also extraordinarily high. Whilst the manufacturers on the lookout for innovations for the lightweight constructions sector are traditionally more likely to be found at the JEC in Paris, there were many inquiries at the KARL MAYER stand with regard to carbon-fibre multiaxial webs for the car industry.