KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Bühlstrasse 25
63179 Obertshausen

KARL MAYER at Techtextil 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, Hall 3.0 Stand B07 - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

This well-known, global company, which is based in Obertshausen, not only builds efficient, flexible machines for producing functional textiles, it also develops new applications and markets for warp-knitted products. The end-uses currently showing the most potential are the sectors of composites for lightweight construction technology and coatings. Particular requirements here are a low weight, a long service life, and a high load-bearing capacity, requirements that can be met optimally by the multiaxial reinforcing textiles produced on the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL machine and the grid-like warp-knitted backing/coating substrates produced on the Wefttronic®. The success of these high-speed machines in practice speaks for itself. The textiles, which are bonded by means of thermosetting or thermoplastic materials, are already being used to reinforce car bodies and aircraft components, the rotor blades of wind turbines, sports equipment and moving machine components, but they are also being used in the construction industry as backings for the reinforcement in textile-reinforced concrete - and these are just a few of their many applications. The increased demand for lightweight components in the automotive sector and the need to generate renewable energy is likely to lead to rapid growth in the business for the products manufactured on the Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL machine. The Wefttronic® raschel machine with magazine weft insertion mainly produces grid-like and full-width warp-knitted fabrics from high-performance yarns for use as printed advertising media in particular. As well as having a low weight, these high-quality textiles are suitable for use outdoors, which makes them ideal for use as all kinds of coating/backing substrates. KARL MAYER will also be focusing on the production of textiles that match the contours of the end product at Techtextil. In particular, the double-bar raschel machines manufactured by this well-known manufacturer can produce a wide range of ‘ready-to-use’ products. These include the warp-knitted spacer textiles produced on the HighDistance® machine in the shape of car seats for use in the sub-upholstery, seven-zone mattress components, which are also produced on the HighDistance® machine, and functional, seamless sportswear, which can be produced in a wide range of different styles and at a high production rate on the DJ series of machines. KARL MAYER’s innovative machine technology not only focuses on manufacturing textiles directly, but also on the preliminary stages. This company supplies the Multitens yarn tension controller from the range it acquired from Benninger’s Weaving Preparation Division, which can process technical yarns both gently and efficiently. The Rot-O-Tens is another innovative product for controlling the yarn tension. This is a motor-driven type with an efficient energy recycling system, which helps to reduce the amortisation period.