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When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis sold the first pairs of trousers with rivets on the pockets as tough, hard-wearing work clothing to gold miners in 1872, they could scarcely have imagined what treasure they had unearthed. The jeans, which were patented in May 1873, soon made their way from being workwear to being the teenagers’ favourite, and then onto the fashion scene. They have been setting the tone in the fashion world ever since – to a greater or lesser extent. As the popularity of denim increased, steps were taken to improve the production technology at every stage – from the weaving preparatory stage to final finishing. Coordinated processing during weaving preparation: Direct beaming and sizing technology has a decisive influence on the economic aspects and efficiency of the weaving preparatory stage. User friendliness can be improved and output can be maximised if the same manufacturer is responsible for coordinating the machinery for the direct beaming, dyeing and sizing processes. The processes involved in weaving preparation must be coordinated with the weaving operations in order to optimise efficiency throughout the entire production chain. To ensure that all the processes are coordinated with each other, each processing stage must meet the requirements of the next processing stage. For example, the sizing department must supply the weaving department with warp beams having the following characteristics: the least number of yarn breakages, and preferably none at all, uniform yarn sizing, uniform and targeted sizing of the outer yarn, constant residual yarn moisture content, without any stickiness, no standing marks or marks caused by over-drying, constant yarn tension/elongation, high yarn residual elongation, no crossed yarns, low hairiness with no clinging, perfectly wound edges. In turn, the sizing department needs warper beams with: the least number of yarn breakages, and preferably none at all, no crossed yarns, constant winding densities and beam diameters, constant wound lengths, constant yarn tension, very little dust and fly, and preferably none at all. KARL MAYER’s weaving preparation machines for use in processing DENIM can meet all these demands optimally and reliably. To this end, the company has constantly been developing its machines over many years and at every processing stage. Initially, the machines were mechanical, but then they were changed over to being electrical and then electronic, and now they are computer-controlled. KARL MAYER’s weaving preparatory machines are now all perfectly coordinated with each other. They enable the yarns to be transported accurately and uniformly, and thus ensure that the residual running lengths are extremely short and identical, right to the end of every batch. A high degree of reproducibility and machine availability is the prerequisite for the high performance levels that these high-tech machines have already achieved in practice in the textile industry. Equipping the machines with KAMCOS® has contributed to the exceptional efficiency of the warp preparation machines produced by the KARL MAYER Group. This well-thought-out, standard platform for machine control consolidates all the computer operations, provides the framework for intelligent networking concepts within the textile chain, and last but not least, creates the right conditions for carrying out modern, transparent production operations.