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A round of applause for the first Multibar Lace, 210", in India - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

The first Multibar Lace machine with a working width of 210" delivered to India started its operation on 26 May – receiving the applause of Vasantbhai Jirawala and of his guests. The President of Zenith Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd. had purchased this lace raschel machine with the large working width for his subsidiary plant Tee Pee Textiles in Surat, where he celebrated the inauguration of the new machine together with the manufacturer of the production equipment, KARL MAYER, during an open-house event. The importance of the market launch of the 210"-wide Multibar Lace in India could already be seen from the persons attending this event. Along the gentlemen belonging to the Top Management of Zenith Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd. – Vasantbhai Jirawala as well as the Directors Paresh and Nirav Jariwala – there was also Arno Gärtner, CEO of KARL MAYER, Kevin Socha, Managing Director of KARL MAYER India Private Limited, and KARL MAYER’s Sales Vice President Oliver Mathews. Other guests were Anuj Bhagwati and GV Aras belonging to the chief executives of KARL MAYER‘s regional agent A.T.E. And, of course, the companies of the Indian warp knitting industry also received an invitation, thus, having the chance to get an impression of the high efficiency of KARL MAYER’s ML machine.

An industry sector with a lot of challenges in the past and with a long road in the future
„During the last few years India has been developing to one of the largest and most quickly growing single markets of the KARL MAYER Group, both in the sector of Warp Knitting as well as in the fields of Technical Textiles and Warp Preparation“, said Arno Gärtner. „KARL MAYER believes in this market and anticipates profitable business for the years to come.“ And A.T.E.‘s principal Anuj Bhagwati is also of this opinion. „Today India’s warp knitting sector represents one tenth of China’s warp knitting industry. We still have a long road ahead but we have already made good progress in this respect.“ Important equipment for this long and difficult road of the Indian textile industry are KARL MAYER’s machines. Besides, another important r aspect are committed customers who are prepared to develop new fabrics. The fact that India has a lot of such customers was especially demonstrated by the great interest in the machine show in Surat.

A technical presentation with the power to impress
Roughly 150 textile companies accepted the invitation of KARL MAYER and Tee Pee Textiles to come to the inauguration of the extra wide ML machine. „All our important customers in Surat came to our presentation. Some of them even came from Amritsar“, explained Oliver Mathews, Sales Vice President of the Warp Knitting Business Unit at KARL MAYER. The journey from this lace center in the state of Punjab did take a day and a half, but was definitely worth it for the guests. The visitors were able to see the production of two different sari fabrics in a gauge of E 24, each consisting of four panels next to each other, and they were extremely impressed by the productivity and patterning possibilities of the machine. The flexible clip string pattern guide fingers are one of the latest features guaranteeing efficiency, reliability and rapid pattern change.