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HSM prepares for the future, raises delivery quality once again - HSM GmbH + Co. KG

With its unique manufacturing depth and adaptive production, HSM GmbH + Co. KG, the Germany-based manufacturer of document shredders, cutting machines and baling presses, strengthens its position as an independent and flexible business well prepared for the future. Due to tremendous investment in production automation, as well as a SAP-supported process optimisation in installation and logistics, document shredder product lines SECURIO, HSM and shredstar now ship out to retailers or end customers within a standard average of 24 hours. HSM can deliver even customised cutting devices, 400-volt document shredders and OEM products within a few business days directly to the consumer. Relieved of storage and logistical costs, retailers can now guarantee customers quick availability alongside advantages such as quality "Made in Germany," the HSM Plus Warranty with up to 30 years guarantee on 100% steel cutting rollers. External specialist consulting firms independent of the industry were brought into the process optimisation, further supporting the flexibilisation of production.