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HSM organises 7th Partner Conference in Mexico - HSM GmbH + Co. KG

From 24 to 26 April 2013, HSM sales partners from all over the world gathered to meet the HSM sales team and HSM senior management. Altogether there were roughly 80 participants from 22 countries who made this partner conference a great event. HSM was supported by its Mexican sales partner Ciasa. The conference started on Wednesday evening with a welcome dinner. Managing Director Irene Dengler welcomed the guests and kicked off the first of three days at the conference. The conference program on the second day consisted of presentations on the HSM corporate strategy, marketing activities and product development. These HSM-specific topics were complemented with presentations by Tom Szaky, CEO of the recycling company TerraCycle, and Victor Flores Arroyo, CEO of the Mexican partner Ciasa, who talked about the collaboration with HSM. An impressive guest presentation was held by the extreme mountain climber Susan Ershler, who has proven that you can climb the highest peaks if you can imagine it well enough. Her tip is to plan small steps to be able to achieve a big goal in the end. Workshops are also almost a traditional part of the program. Discussions were carried on with all participants regarding issues that need to be looked at from an international perspective. On the third day, the focus was on HSM products. Document shredders, cutting machines, hard disk shredders, baling presses and PET solutions could be tested in practice. For this, HSM sent a variety of products to Mexico in advance. This meant that all customers had the opportunity to have the machines explained to them in detail and to operate them themselves.