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New Hörmann Industrial Door Products - Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft

Once again this year, Hörmann is offering planners, architects and its industrial door partners many new industrial door product innovations. The solutions focus on energy efficiency, process optimisation, increased service life and design.

When choosing an industrial door, price is often the decisive factor. However, it is equally important that the door systems provide the required performance for as long as possible to keep repair or replacement costs to a minimum. At the 2015 BAU exhibition, Hörmann offered many new solutions for hall passages and doors that provide not only visual but also technical innovations.

Flush-stopping fire sliding door without guiding profile
Fire sliding doors are not only suitable for separating different fire zones in production areas that industrial trucks and lorries frequently pass through, but also for the subdivision of representative entrance/passage areas from administration to production areas or as hallway doors in hotels. In these areas, an aesthetically appealing, open design is just as important as the fire-retarding function. From summer 2015, door manufacturer Hörmann will offer flush-stopping fire sliding doors. Without a guiding profile and optionally with a concealed parking area thanks to a recess flap, the doors can be inconspicuously integrated into the room design. For very large passages in particular, there are practically no elegant fire-proof alternatives to sliding doors, which are available with a maximum width of 7.5 metres and a height of 4.5 metres. The fully bonded sliding door runs securely in the guides while its surface remains constantly flush. Available with the particularly robust Pearlgrain surface finish, in smooth sheet steel or practically corrosion-resistant stainless steel and in RAL to choose, the fire-retarding doors (EI2 30) already comply with the European product standard EN 16034.

Particularly well-insulated high-speed door with 67-mm-thick sections
To save energy in production halls and warehouses and to optimise the flow of traffic, door systems must be fast on the one hand and well-insulated on the other. Available from next autumn, the speed sectional doors HS 5015 PU H 67 and HS 6015 PU V 67 live up to their name by opening with a maximum speed of 1.5 to 2.5 metres per second. The doors also feature 67-mm-thick sections with thermal break that can reach a U-value of up to 0.33 W/(m2?K). The speed sectional door sections travel through a low-wear belt mechanism with counter weights, in horizontal tracks raised underneath the hall ceiling (H version) or vertically along the hall wall (V version). For a uniform overall image, the new particularly well-insulated speed sectional doors match the Hörmann industrial sectional doors. The new doors are a suitable solution if passages or doors between halls must support fast work processes, be energy-efficient and must be fitted flexibly in the lintel area.

Heavy-duty industrial rolling shutters for heavy wear in daily operations
Hörmann presented the new DD rolling shutter at the 2015 BAU. This shutter is operated by a direct drive operator, which means that the operator is directly connected to the barrel. This is especially advantageous during fitting: on the one hand, it lowers the electrical installation costs thanks to the integral catch safety device in the operator and on the other hand it allows positioning the operator downward, upward or horizontally to match the fitting situation. Available from April, the DD rolling shutter is suitable for door openings that are up to 12 metres wide and 9 metres high. The particularly well-insulated version of the DD rolling shutter with Decotherm S double-skinned steel sections can be equipped with a frequency converter operator and control. This allows the rolling shutter to achieve faster and manually adjustable opening speeds which can reach a maximum of 1.1 metres per second, enabling a maximum of 30 door cycles per hour or 500 cycles per day.

The soft start and soft stop function ensures secure door travel that is gentle on the operator. Available from summer 2015, the S6 version of the Hörmann DD rolling shutter is available at a maximum width of 5 metres and height of 9 metres. So-called L pads on the interior of the curtain reduce the noise produced by the moving door and minimise wear on the sections. For the SB rolling shutter for low to medium operating frequencies, Hörmann presented the new space-saving operator WA 300 AR S4, which is fitted next to the barrel instead of beneath it. Also equipped with soft start and soft stop, its standard secured release - only available from Hörmann according to manufacturer information - allows the door to be easily set to manual operation to also maintain the door's full functionality in case of power outages or operator malfunctions.