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Ultrasonic Rotary Systems increase productivity - Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The sonotrode counter-rotates to the anvil drum and continuously draws the web material through a defined, closed-loop controlled bonding gap. The rotating motion generates minor frictional resistance allowing for high-loft or intermittent materials to be bonded almost non-abrasively. Production speeds of more than 400 m/min can be achieved with constant bonding quality by combining the patented MICROGAP technology and the VE 30-R-CS NON-CONTACT / NON-WEAR actuator designed especially for the rotary bonding process. The compact design of the new Ultrasonic Rotary System provides the possibility to upgrade existing production lines. Two versions are available: the single-mounted 'Tulip' system for narrow applications and the double-mounted system for operating widths of up to 40 mm with high bonding forces. The anvil drum as well as the sonotrode can be engraved with a three-dimensional pattern to meet specific customer requirements.