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Ultrasonic in underwear - Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

No thread is used and no holes are produced, as is the case when sewing with a needle. The seams don’t tear, are also soft and can hardly be felt because the welded points are slightly recessed. A range of different visual designs are also available. The welded seams on the center gore or on the hook band are also flatter than in the stitched versions and they don’t stretch, an important factor for today’s fashion with its soft, close-fitting materials. For this market segment Herrmann Ultraschall (Karlsbad) uses its standard HS DIALOG machine with a welding frequency of 20 kHz. These types of applications can however also be welded at 35 kHz. Labels are welded into bras and panties. Most of this work is done by hand and involves laying on the label and welding it in place by lowering the sonotrode. The same process can be used to fasten bra shoulder straps to the wings and attach the bra fastenings (eyes, hooks, clips). Bra tapes are cut using ultrasonic. Compared with cutting with scissors, the material doesn’t fray because there is no cut edge when using ultrasonic.