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Solar Lift put to work in the US State of Oregon

The roof of the headquarters of Pine Mountain Sports in Bend in the US State of Oregon has recently been fitted with brand new solar modules. The outdoor equipment experts came to Bavaria for support in the form of the Solar Lift from the Bavarian height access specialists GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG.

Whatever the season, the team at Pine Mountain Sports offers the perfect equipment for all outdoor activities in the picturesque mountain landscape that surrounds Bend. Whether customers want to go cycling, walking or enjoy winter sports, the experts are ready to help both tourists and local sports enthusiasts in words and deeds.

And it was exactly the same when it came to equipping the company's own building – namely it relied on technology from the professionals. For although Oregon is not exactly known as a “sunny state” with solar energy rarely used in comparison to other US states, Pine Mountain Sports took the decision to fit solar modules on the roof of their headquarters building. The safety regulations in place and the large number of modules were the biggest challenge faced by the installation.
However, with the assistance of solar company, Sunlight Solar, the appropriate solution was quickly found with a GEDA Solar Lift providing the valuable transportation services on the Pine Mountain Sports company building.

All the benefits on the sunny side

Highly-sensitive solar elements and photovoltaic modules are transported quickly and safely to the roof with the GEDA Solar Lift. The specially designed solar platform ensures the careful transportation of the valuable modules and holds the sensitive cargo safely in place. At Pine Mountain Sports up to eight modules were transported at the same time which both saved time and ensured maximum safety.

The GEDA Solar Lift also scores when it comes to transportation and storage. The device can be easily transported to its deployment site as the components can be dismantled into individual pieces. Once arrived on the construction site, the Solar Lift scores again with its simple and secure assembly without any additional tools being required. Nor are difficult to access construction sites a problem, since the compact base unit only requires a small space.

In addition to the one-level variants, GEDA Lift 200 Standard and GEDA Lift 250 Comfort, the two-level GEDA Fixlift 250 is also available.

Load capacity is aligned according to the design of the aluminium ladder sections, the inclination and the rail length respectively. Two ladder section variants are available – ladder sections with a load capacity of 150/200 kg and reinforced ladder sections with a load capacity of 200/250 kg. In Bend the GEDA Lift 250 Comfort with reinforced ladder sections (250 kg load capacity) and a lifting speed of 30 m/min was used.

Sunny prospects – also for low-rise buildings

Both the customer and GEDA's partner, Sunlight Solar, are totally convinced of the unique benefits of the GEDA Solar Lift. Although the company building of Pine Mountain Sports only has one storey, it was still worthwhile using the device. As well as the fast and safe transportation it provides, the safety aspect for the fitters is not to be underestimated. The GEDA Solar Lift has consigned that energy-sapping dragging and foolhardy balancing of the sensitive modules to the past.