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GEDA Transport Platforms for Finland - GEDA Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG

In the midst of harsh daily routines on a construction site who would not gladly make use of practical passenger lifts which make working operations easier, save time and spare muscle strength? Reliable construction aids are also considered to be very important in Finland. However, due to national regulations it had previously not been possible to install transport platforms for the transportation of people on Finnish building sites. But as from now there is a simple and costeffective alternative to existing passenger hoists.

GEDA Transport Platforms now authorised for transporting people

GEDA Transport Platforms have been officially confirmed and authorised by the Finnish “Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Department of Occupational Safety and Health” for use on Finnish construction projects since February 2013. However, in order to make daily work on Finnish construction sites easier in the future, transport platforms have to meet specific and strict safety requirements. Equipment must of course be manufactured strictly in accordance with existing norms and standards but the year of construction also plays an important role. Anyone thinking that the manufacture and provision of the relevant transport platforms will take a long time is mistaken! RAMIRENT is the leading rental company in Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe and has recently expanded its comprehensive rental inventory with 45 transport platforms from the Bavarian manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG. RAMIRENT has been a close partner of GEDA for many years and has clearly understood that the Bavarian transport platforms combine know-how proven over decades together with ongoing new developments, unique quality and durability. Therefore GEDA was immediately able to respond to the requirements of the Finnish market. As a far-sighted specialist in height access technology, GEDA has been developing and producing transport platforms for 19 years with the existing, standards-compliant product range now also available to the Finnish market. RAMIRENT now has 25 GEDA 300 Z/ZP and 20 GEDA 500 Z/ZP Transport Platforms in its rental inventory – one of the biggest in Finland.

Unique hoist solutions for every requirement

The GEDA Transport Platforms have two separate control systems and can be used both as a pure construction hoist for transporting materials and also as a transport platform for both people and materials. With load capacities from 300 kg or three people up to 2,000 kg or seven people, the GEDA Transport Platforms transport people and loads up to heights of 150 metres. The versatile transport platforms of the Bavarian specialists are a cost-effective alternative to personnel and material hoists and their different platform sizes and loading flaps mean that they can be adapted perfectly to the different conditions encountered on building sites. In contrast to the large devices previously used for transporting people, the GEDA transport platforms also score highly with their compact design and comparatively low space requirements, with a further convincing argument being the low power connections of 16 to 32 amperes at a load of 2,000 kg. The transport platforms also shine with their simple assembly/disassembly as they can be mounted by hand, as well as their ease of use. Previously due to a lack of alternatives, a big personnel and materials hoist had to be installed, even on smaller Finnish building sites. Although often not even necessary, extensive foundation works and complex anchoring systems consumed valuable time. On the other hand, the installation of compact, versatile transport platforms eliminates the need for any foundations making the work more efficient, with only a small anchoring force being required on the scaffold or building. GEDA offers its partners “everything from a single-source”. The uniform GEDA Unimast System and the corresponding mast brackets and landing level safety gates can be used for the 300 Z/ZP, 500 Z/ZP and 1500 Z/ZP Transport Platforms and this is how the Bavarian manufacturer creates the ideal conditions for rental equipment customers to equip their hoist fleets with standardised GEDA equipment. The transport platforms can be used in many different situations, including scaffolding construction, refurbishment or new construction work. Scaffolding materials or other bulky building materials are transported upwards and downwards fast and safely accompanied by the construction worker.