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GEDA Multilift has found its place in the market - GEDA Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG

The new hoist range was launched in times of global economic revival. Rental fleets and building companies invested substantially. However, investments turned out to be problematic due to extended delivery times and excessive prices on the steel market. GEDA also had and still has to deal with these problems. But GEDA would not be GEDA if, despite of its already booming business, there weren’t enough time for a brilliant innovation. Always having the ear to the customer, this hasn’t been a long time in coming and the company GEDA introduced its so-called new middle class device “Multilift”. This product line has taken a new market segment by assault. The compact, easy to use hoist has rapidly found numerous customers all over the world. The main reason for this positive trend is the fact that often oversized hoists were used at building sites due to the lack of reasonable alternatives on the market. Besides the higher acquisition costs, logistic and transport costs influence the purchase decision, as well. Moreover the often limited available space at construction sites and the time consuming, sometimes complicated assembly of large personnel hoists play a decisive roll. All these points were considered when developing the Multilift. For example the complete base unit is delivered as one piece with perfect dimensions for container shipping or truck transport. At the building site you can then start erecting the hoist without having to assemble individual parts for the car first.